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Prof. Dr. Liu was born in Anhui, China. He obtained the B.S. degree from Anhui Normal University (AHNU) in 2001. After that, he continued his research experience in both Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC), CAS and AHNU under the jointly supervision of Prof. Dr. Shizheng Zhu and Prof. Dr. Shaowu Wang and obtained his Master degree in 2004. After a one year’s stint in Prof. Gang Zhao’s laboratory in SIOC, he joined Prof. Dr. Chi-Ming Che’s group in The University of Hong Kong and earned his Ph.D. degree in 2010. His Ph.D. research focused on organic catalysis and organometallic chemistry. He continued his postdoctoral study in Prof. Che’s group in the University of Hong Kong and in Prof. Dr. Carlos F. Barbas III’s group in The Scripps Research Institute. At the end of 2012, he began his independent academic career in Southern University of Science and Technology of China. He was promoted to Tenured Full professor at the beginning of 2018. His research interest is radical-involved asymmetric reactions.

Personal Profile

Academic Experience
Jan. 2018—Present   Tenured Full Professor, Department of Chemistry Southern University of Science and Technology

Sept. 2012—Dec. 2017    Tenure-Track Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry Southern University of Science and Technology

Apr. 2010—Aug. 2012    Postdoctoral Fellow, the Scripps Research Institute and The University of Hong Kong with Prof. Dr. Carlos F. Barbas III and Prof. Dr. Chi-Ming Che

Jul.2004—Aug. 2005    Research Assistant with Prof. Dr. Gang Zhao Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS

Education Qualifications
Sept. 2005—Mar. 2010   PhD, Department of Chemistry with Prof. Dr. Chi-Ming Che, The University of Hong Kong Sept. 2001—Jun. 2004    MSc, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Cooperation with Anhui Normal  University with Prof. Dr. Shizheng Zhu and Prof. Dr. Shaowu Wang

Sept. 1997—Jun. 2001 BSc, Department of Chemistry, Anhui Normal University

Research Interests
◆ Asymmetric radical chemistry

◆ Radical-initiated remote migration chemistry

◆ Organofluorine chemistry

Honor and Award

2020, The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

2019, Honored by ACP LECTURESHIP AWARD by the coordinator of Japan and Taiwan

2019, Honored by Presidential Early Career Award for Excellence in Research

2019, Honored by CAPA Distinguished Faculty Award

2018, Honored by The Changjiang Scholar Program-Youth Project

2017, Honored by National Excellent Young Scholar of China NSFC

2017, Honored by The Distinguished Lectureship Award The Chemical Society of Japan

2016, Honored by SUSTech Outstanding Researcher Awards Southern University of Science and Technology

2013, Honored by Peacock Rewarding Plan (Type B) Shenzhen Municipal Government

2011, Honored by Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student The University of Hong Kong

Scientific and Editorial Advisory Boards

Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (Editorial Board)


ORCID: 0000-0002-6978-6465

ResearcherID: G-2060-2014


1. Radical-involved asymmetric chemistry

2. Radical-initiated remote C-H/C-C bond activation

3. Organofluorine chemistry


Advanced Organic Chemistry (graduated student) Modern Strategy Synthesis (undergraduate student)

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Since the establishment of the research group, we have developed a novel concept of copper/ chiral anion single-electron transfer catalysis. Utilizing this concept, we have made great achievements in the challenging field of asymmetric radical chemistry and published more than 50 innovative articles on top journals.

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  • New method to facilitate synthesis of natural products and drugs

  • Better medicines from natural products could come from our understanding of chemical compounds

  • Breakthrough in asymmetric radical chemistry by SUSTech researchers


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