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Dr. Liu received his bachelor's degree from Shandong University (China) in 2009. He got his master's degree and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) in 2010 and 2015, respectively. He worked as a research assistant and later a postdoctoral researcher in Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) since 2014 and has been working in the field of membrane technology for almost 10 years. He joined Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech, China) in 2018 and currently serves as a research associate professor in SUSTech.

His research focuses on 1) novel membrane materials and fabrication methods, 2) novel techniques for membrane fouling and characterization, 3) applications of nanomaterials in membrane fabrication, 4) membrane module design and optimization and 5) membrane separation processes for desalination and water reuse.

His work has yielded 27 peer-reviewed papers (citation: 816, h-index: 15) and 7 patent applications (2 approved). He is the Co-PI of several major research projects (total amount: ~40 M RMB) and the reviewer of several high-impact international journals including J. Membrane Sci., Water Res., Environ. Sci. Technol., Desalination, Environ. Res., J. Environ. Chem. Eng., etc. He serves as a guest editor of the special issue of Membranes. He is also a member of MEMSIS (Membrane Society in Singapore) and NAMS (North American Membrane Society).

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Novel membrane materials and fabrication methods

Novel techniques for membrane fouling and characterization

Applications of nanomaterials in membrane fabrication

Membrane module design and optimization

Membrane separation processes for desalination and water reuse

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Dr. Liu has published 27 peer-reviewed papers (citation: 757, h-index: 15) on high-impact international journals, including Water Res., Environ. Sci. Technol., Environ. Sci. Technol. Letters, J. Membrane Sci., DesalinationACS Sustain. Chem. Eng., etc.  He has 2 approved patents (China) and has been invited to give oral presentations at several international conferences.  

5 Selected Articles:

1. X. Liu, G. Chen (co-first author), G. Tu, Z. Li, B. Deng, W. Li*, Membrane fouling by clay suspensions during NF-like forward osmosis: Characterization via optical coherence tomography. Journal of Membrane Science 2020, 602, 117965. (Impact Factor: 7.183)

2. X. Liu, W. Li*, T. H. Chong*, A. G. Fane, Effects of spacer orientations on the cake formation during membrane fouling: Quantitative analysis based on 3D OCT imaging. Water Research 2017, 110, 1-14. (IF=9.130)

3. X. Liu, L. X. Foo, Y. Li, J. Y. Lee, B. Cao, C. Y. Tang*, Fabrication and characterization of nanocomposite pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) membranes with excellent anti-biofouling property and enhanced water permeability. Desalination 2016, 389, 137-148. (IF=7.098)

4. X. Liu, X. Jin, B. Cao, C. Y. Tang*, Bactericidal activity of silver nanoparticles in environmentally relevant freshwater matrices: Influences of organic matter and chelating agent. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2014, 2, (1), 525-531. (IF=4.300)

5. X. Liu, S. Qi, Y. Li, L. Yang, B. Cao, C. Y. Tang*, Synthesis and characterization of novel antibacterial silver nanocomposite nanofiltration and forward osmosis membranes based on layer-by-layer assembly. Water Research 2013, 47, (9), 3081-3092. (IF= 9.130)

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