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Liu Qing, a teacher of CLE, received her doctor's degree from the University of Florida in 2012. During her stay in the United States, she taught for American undergraduates and accumulated rich overseas teaching experience. Five years after joining the SUSTech, she has taught five English compulsory courses, one elective course and nearly 2000 class hours. Her classroom is student-centered. The lively but rigorous teaching style is widely praised by students. At present, she is the course director of SUSTech English 1. She has published one book, one translation book, and six academic papers. The honor she has includes the first prize of the 3rd young teachers' teaching competition, 2018-2019 teacher of the year, Shenzhen overseas high-caliber personnel, as well as Nanshan District high-level talent.

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English writing (academic, professional, business English writing)

English reading

Process approach

Curriculum and instruction

Multicultural education


SUSTech English I

SUSTech English III

Scientific Writing

Writing for Workplace

English Speaking & Writing

Comprehensive English

Children’s Literature (University of Florida)

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o Lowery, R. M., Oslick, M. E., Liu, Q., Rodriguez, P. M., and Thibodeaux, L. (2012). Notable Books for a Global Society. Florida Reading Journal 48(2) (Spring issue), pp.29-37.

o Liu, Q. (2013). Rethinking NES writing instructors: A Case Study of Native-English-Speaking (NES) Instructors Teaching English Writing in a University in China. Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. ISSN: 978-3-659-37518-7.

o Liu, Q., Zhou, X., & Fu, D. (2015). Native-English Speaking Instructors Teaching Writing in China. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education, Vol. 22, pp. 99-111.

o Liu Q. (2017). Unrevealing Native-English-Speakers’ Writing Class. Overseas English(March), pp. 51-52 (China)

o Liu Q. (2017). An Analysis of Language Arts Classrooms in the United States and China. Research and Review on Education(March), pp. 23-28 (China)

o Applebee, A. & Langer, J. (2013). Writing Instruction That Works: Proven Methods for Middle and High School Classrooms (Liu, Q. Trans.,2019). New York, NY: Teacher College Press.

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