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Dr. Liu Lisha holds a UK PhD in Education and has been a foreign language teacher (English & Chinese) since 2008. Her research mainly focuses on applied linguistics and student experience in higher education. Since joining SUSTech, she has published two books and many journal articles, working as a certified TOEFL, IELTS and ETIC teacher. Dr. Liu also contributes greatly to CLE teaching. Not only did she win six teaching awards, but also successfully coached SUSTech students to become top prizewinners in a variety of national and provincial English competitions.

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ELT in higher education, Student experience in higher education, Educational research methods


Taught courses: SUSTech English III, Critical thinking and English debate

Winner of the 2nd Prize of SUSTech Teaching Achievement Award (Principal investigator), the 1st Prize of the FLTRP National Star Teacher Contest (Semi-final) , the SUSTech Excellent Teaching Award, the 1st Prize of the 2nd National Critical Thinking Teaching Competition for College English Teachers, the 1st Prize of the 2nd SUSTech Teaching Competition for Young Teachers, the 3rd Prize of the FLTRP National ‘Art of Public Speaking’ Micro-teaching Contest for College English Teachers.

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Liu Lisha has published two books, more than 20 journal articles and 5 conference papers (two were indexed by CPCI). She is also the Principal Investigator of three Pedagogical research projects and participate in several other research projects.

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