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  Southern University of Science and Technology

    Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering, College of Business

      Chair Professor2021 - Present

  Lingnan University

    Faculty of Business

      Chair Professor2011 - 2020

  Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Faculty of Business

      Professor2006 - 2011

  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management

      Assistant/Associate Professor1993 - 2006

  Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST)

    School of Management

      Lecturer1990 - 1991



  University of Toronto

    Ph.D. Industrial Engineering/Operations Research1990

  Huazhong Institute of Technology (Now HUST)

    M.Eng. Engineering Management1983

    B.Eng. Ship Building Engineering1980



Logistics, supply chain management, stochastic models, service system management


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Undergraduate Courses

Operations Research II (Stochastic Models); Integrated Production Systems; Financial Engineering; Service Management and Operations Analysis; Introduction to Industrial Engineering and Model Logistics; Introduction to Operations Research

Postgraduate Courses

Stochastic Models in Operations Research; Reliability and Maintenance; Advanced Production Systems; Special Topics in Systems Engineering; Financial Engineering; Operations Management; Enterprise Resource Planning (2-day short course)

Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Lingnan University

Undergraduate Courses

Operations Management, Management Science

Postgraduate Courses

Supply Chain Management

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  Price Delegation or Not? The Effect of Heterogeneous Sales Agents under Asymmetric Information

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  Push vs. Pull: Inventory-Leadtime Tradeoff for Managing System Variability

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  Procurement Auctions with Uncertain Satisfaction Risk

    Production and Operations Management. 2019 28 (5), 1206-1221

       (with Huang H., Parker, G. K., Tan, R., Xu H.)

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  Dynamic traffic control for web-server networks

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  Analysis and optimization of multi-stage inventory-queues

    Management Science. 2004 50, 365-380 (with Liu, X., and Yao, D. D.) 

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