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Dr. Junguo Liu is a Chair Professor in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in China, and a Senior Guest Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria. His main research interests include hydrology and water resources, global environmental change, and ecological restoration. He has earned an excellent international reputation through his contributions to the fields of water resources research and ecological restoration.

Prof. Liu has outstanding scientific achievements and extensive services to the hydrological communities worldwide. He has led a pioneering work on advancing water resources assessment in coupled human-natural systems, in particular for global hydrology research and water scarcity assessment by incorporating water resources quantity, quality and environmental flow requirement. His work has been a breakthrough in assessing and quantifying the water quantity and quality related water scarcity, which has become increasingly common in many areas in the world as the poor water quality makes the limited water resources not useable. He has extensive working experience in China, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S., among others. He is an expert consultant for many international organizations including UN-Water, UNEP, and the Water Footprint Network. Prof. Liu is author of about 180 publications (160 ISI papers), including articles in Science (1), Nature (1), PNAS (3), Nature Climate Change (2), Nature Communications (2), Nature Sustainability (2) and Science Advances (1). His articles have been cited for over 7877 times.

Prof. Liu has made a substantial contribution to eco-hydrological restoration in China. He founded two ecological restoration organizations in China: The Society for Ecological Rehabilitation of Beijing (SERB), founded in 2014, and the Union of Societies for Ecological Restoration and Environmental Protection (USEREP), founded in 2016. The former is the first society recognized by the Chinese government which specifically focuses on eco-hydrological restoration. The latter is the first officially recognized union of Chinese organizations by Beijing Association of Science and Technology. Prof. Liu is the first president of SERB, and the first Chair of USEREP. Both the organizations are playing important roles in safeguarding China’s water and ecological security. He was also the Chair of the 9th World Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference that was held in Shenzhen in December 2017. Prof. Liu presided over nearly 20 projects including the national natural science foundation of the national science foundation for distinguished young scholars, major research plan training projects, international cooperation research projects and Ministry of Science and Technology national international cooperation in science and technology special projects, forestry public welfare industry projects, key project of natural science foundation of Beijing, Beijing science and technology commission of science and technology plan projects subject.

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1. Hydrology and water resources management

2. Global environmental change

3. Ecological restoration

4. Ecosystem services assessment and management

5. Virtual water and water footprint

6. Water policy and decision support


Supervisor of PhD graduates

2019 Dandan Zhao: Studying on the evolution of water footprint and water resource regulation based on input-output analysis and ecological network in the Jing-Jin-Ji urban agglomeration. Beijing Forestry University, June 2019.

2018 Ruqiang Zhang: Hydrological regime alteration and wetland landscape pattern change in Upper Heihe River Basin. Beijing Forestry University, December 2018.

2017 Xinxin Zhang: The transformation from physical water to virtual water and its implication for water conservation in the Heihe River Basin. Beijing Forestry University, December 2017.

2016 Kun Ma: Spatial-temporal changes of soil organic carbon stock in the Zoige alpine wetland. Beijing Forestry University, June 2016.

2013 Chuanfu Zang: Assessment of spatial and temporal variability of green and blue water flows in the Heihe River Basin, China. Beijing Forestry University, June 2013.

Supervisor of ongoing PhD students

Zifeng Wang, Ying Meng, Zongyong Zhang, He Chen, Shuman Liu, Shahzad Ahmed, Zhenyou Liu, Pengfei Wang (incoming)

Supervisor of post-docs

2020 Ganquan Mao: The spatial and temporal evolution of blue and green water resources in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei under the changing environment

2019 Azam Lashkari: Impact of climatic and non-climatic factors in combination on wheat yields

2019 Chong Jiang: Impact and sustainability assessment of ecological landscape change on regional ecosystem services. Southern University of Science and Technology, May 2019.

2019 Wei Qi: Changes in aridity index, precipitation, soil moisture and runoff in agricultural areas. Southern University of Science and Technology, May 2019.

2016 Fei Lun: Research on P budgets and P use efficiency in the global agricultural system and Chinese croplands. Beijing Forestry University, May 2016.

2015 Xu Zhao: Research on the impact of virtual water trade on regional water stress. Beijing Forestry University, December 2015.

Supervisor of ongoing post-docs

Kai Wang, Wenhui Cui, Azam Lashkari, Wenfang Cao, Delong Li, Youlin Luo

Supervisor of MSc students

Qianhui Liu (incoming), Kewei Liu (incoming), Rui Zhong (ongoing), Jinlin Jia (ongoing), Xinxing Huang (ongoing), Wenxian Wu (ongoing), Yifan Li (2020), Meng Wang (2019), Yingjie Guan (2018), Yajie Wang (2018), Bin Hu (2017), Qinqin Wang (2017), Suxian Tang (2016), Yujie Liu (2016), Yawen Liu (2016), Qingying Liu (2015), Zhao Zeng (2014), Miao Zhang (2014), Minmin Chen (2014), Qianbin Zhao (2014), Zhenhua Cai (2012)

Teaching experience

Undergraduate Courses: Water Resources Assessment and Management; Introduction to Environmental Science; Global Environmental Issues; Specialized English

Postgraduate Courses: Global Hydrology and Environmental Frontier; Wetland Protection and Management

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Professor Liu Junguo has been engaged in the research and teaching of water resources, global change and ecological restoration for a long time. He has made systematic innovations in the temporal and spatial evolution of water resources, evaluation of water quality and shortage, global environmental change and ecological restoration. Professor Liu has published 168 papers in Nature, Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature – Climate Change, Nature – Sustainability, Nature – Communications and other domestic and foreign journals, 138 of which are indexed by SCI. His paper has been cited more than 7877 times (Google Scholar), including 1 paper on Science (co-corresponding author), 3 papers on PNAS (first, corresponding author and co-author), 1 paper on Nature (co-author), and 6 papers in the subsidiary journals of Nature. Twelve of the papers were selected as highly cited papers in GLOBAL ESI. Besides this, he published 3 monographs and 1 translated book as the first author. In 2018, he was elected as the lead author of the sixth Assessment report on climate Change of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the sole author of the chapter on water Resources in China.

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