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Dr. LIU has focused on teleost biology research that includes developmental and molecular genetics (zebrafish and medaka), molecular endocrinology (salmons) studies, and transgenesis (cyprinid fish) and genome editing (zebrafish) techniques. Starting from my postdoctoral training, we have used zebrafish to study how mechanosensory hair cells develop and regenerate upon damage; and to model human diseases for drug screening purpose. We have also used C. elegans to develop and test new ways to study functions of non-coding RNAs and a relationship between germ cells and somatic sex development.

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Our team has been engaged in the comparison of the development / regeneration mechanism of the peripheral nervous system of zebrafish for a long time. In recent years, we have also carried out the modeling work of human diseases. By means of cytology, molecular genetics, neurobiology and behavioral science, we have established a variety of zebrafish models related to the imbalance of inner ear and the development disorder of central nervous system Disease and treatment mechanism.


《Model biology and developmental biology》

《Principles of animal morphogenesis》

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