Jian Li

Research Associate Institute for Quanfum Science and Engineering

Working Experience:

2019.04 - present Research Associate, Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, China

2016.05 - 2019.03 Research Associate, Interdisciplinary Center for Quantum Information, National University of Defense Technology, China

2014.05 - 2016.04 Research Associate, Division of Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK

2012.08 - 2014.05 Postdoctoral Researcher, Low Temperature Laboratory, Aalto University, Finland


Educational Background:

2006.08 - 2012.09 D.Sc. in Engineering Physics, Aalto University, Finland

2004.09 - 2006.06 M.Sc. in Nanoscale Science and Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

2000.09 - 2004.07 B.Sc. in Applied Physics, Central South University, China


Personal Profile


superconducting qubits and circuit QED systems

quantum computing and quantum simulation based on superconducting circuits

superconducting qubit – nanomechanics hybrid systems

superconducting nanowire devices

Publications Read More

1. Simulating motional averaging in a superconducting transmon qubit

Nature Communications 4, 1420.

2. Superconducting circuits – mechanical resonator hybrid quantum system

Nature 494, 211–215; Physical Review Letters 113, 027404; New Journal of Physics 19, 103014.

3. Autler-Townes effect in a superconducting phase qubit

Physical Review Letters 103, 193601; Scientific Reports 2, 645; Physical Review B 84, 104527.

4. Photonic waveguide integrated superconducting nanowire single photon detector

Optics Express 24, 13931

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