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Cai Heng Li, Chair Professor of Mathematics in Southern University of Science and Technology. His research area lies in algebraic combinatorics and (permutation) group theory. He got PhD in Mathematics from University of Western Australia. He is an internationally leading mathematician crossing the boundary between group theory and combinatorics. He has solved a number of fundamental problems on transitive group actions on graphs and maps, including a 100 year old problem posed by William Burnside.

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Algebraic Combinatorics, Permutation Group Theory, Finite Group Theory.


Group Theory and its applications

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Recent research results including

(1). Classified the factorizations of almost simple groups with one factor solvable, with one paper (100 pages) will be published on Memoirs of Amer. Math. Soc. As an application, classified primitive permutation groups with a nilpotent regular subgroups.

(2). Solved the existence problem (proposed by leading combinatorist Praeger 30 years ago) of vertex-primitive 2-arc-transitive digraphs.

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