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Kent Patterson holds an M.Ed. in TESOL from Temple University and a B.F.A in Photography from the University of Utah. Kent has been teaching English as a foreign language for over 15 years and has taught at universities in the Czech Republic, Japan, and Turkey. His research interests are in the Arts in Education: cognition, creativity and the transferability of skills.

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages



06/2003 – 01/2007 Master of Education, Temple University Japan, Japan Campus (USA University).

09/1989 – 06/1998 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Utah, USA.

Work Experience

08/2017 – present, English Lecturer, Center for Language Education, SUSTech, Shenzhen, China.

04/2013 – 08/2017 Assistant Professor, Kansai Gaidai University, Japan.

09/2009 – 06/2012 Instructor, University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic.

09/2008 – 08/2009 Instructor, Koc University, Turkey.

04/2006 – 03/2008 English Teacher, Konan Women’s University, Japan.

04/2007 – 03/2008 Instructor (Adjunct), Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan.

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Presentations and Publications

“Increasing Students’ Motivation Through Smartphone Presentation Apps” TESOL Arabia International Conference, Dubai, 2017

“The Brain, the Arts, and Writing” TESOL Arabia International Conference, Dubai, 2016

“An Introduction to Reduced Forms: A Communicative/Consciousness-Raising Approach Using Friends,” Studies in Applied Linguistics, Temple University Japan, 2006.

“Discussing the Past and Future: Two Tasks Aimed at Getting your Students to Use What They Know,” Studies in Applied Linguistics, Temple University Japan, 2005.

“Teaching Vocabulary: Ways to Make an Existing Course Better,” Studies in Applied Linguistics, Temple University Japan, 2004.

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