JIANG Xiaodong

Research Assistant Professor Department of Ocean Science and Engineering

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  • Jiang, X.D., Zhao, X., Zhao, X.Y., Chou, Y.M., Roberts, A.P., Hein, J.R., Yu, J.M., Sun, X.M., Shi, X.F., Cao, W., Liu, Q.S*. 2022. Abyssal manganese nodule recording of global cooling and Tibetan Plateau uplift impacts on Asian aridification. Geophysical Research Letters. 49, e2021GL096624.
  • Jiang, X.D., Zhao, X., Zhao, X.Y., Hein, J.R., Chou, Y.M., Sun, X.M., Liu, Q.S*. (2021). A magnetic approach to unravelling the paleoenvironmental significance of nanometer-sized Fe hydroxide in NW Pacific ferromanganese deposits. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 565, 116945.
  • Jiang, X.D., Zhao, X.Y., Zhao, X., Jiang, Z.X., Chou, Y.M*., Zhang T.W., Yang, X.Q., Liu, Q.S. (2021). Quantifying contributions of magnetic inclusions within silicates to marine sediments: A dissolution approach to isolating volcanic signals for improved paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126, e2021JB022680.
  • Chou, Y.M*., Jiang, X.D., Lo, L., Wang, L.C., Lee, T.Q., Pang, Y.X. (2021). Controls on terrigenous detritus deposition and oceanography changes in the central Okhotsk Sea over the past 1550 ka. Frontiers in Earth Science 9, 3389/feart.2021.683984.
  • Lu, Y., Wang, D.F., Jiang, X.D., Lin, Z.Y., Yang, Y.P., Liu, Q.S*. (2021). Paleoenvironmental significance of magnetofossils in pelagic sediments in the equatorial Pacific Ocean before and after the Eocene/Oligocene boundary. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126, 1029/2021JB022221.
  • Jiang, X.D., Zhao, X., Chou, Y.M., Liu, Q.S*., Roberts, A.P. Ren, J.B., Sun, X.M., Li, J.H., Tang, X., Zhao, X.Y., Wang, C.C. (2020). Characterization and quantification of magnetofossils within abyssal manganese nodules from the Western Pacific Ocean and implications for nodule formation. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
  • Jiang, X.D., Sun, X.M*., Chou, Y.M., Hein, J.R., He, G.W., Fu, Y., Li, D.F*., Liao, J.L., Ren, J.B. (2020). Geochemistry and origins of carbonate fluorapatite in seamount Fe-Mn crusts from the Pacific Ocean. Marine Geology 423, 106135.
  • Jiang, X.D., Gong, J.L., Ren, J.B., Liu, Q.S., Zhang, J., Chou, Y.M*. (2020). An interdependent relationship between microbial ecosystems and ferromanganese nodules from the Western Pacific Ocean. Sedimentary Geology 398, 105588.
  • Jiang, X.D., Sun, X.M*., Guan, Y. (2019). Biogenic mineralization in the ferromanganese nodules and crusts from the South China Sea. Journal of Asian Earth Science 171, 46-59.
  • Jiang, X.D., Sun, X.M*., Guan, Y., Gong, J.L., Lu, Y., Lu, R.F., Wang, C. (2017). Biomineralisation of the ferromanganese crusts in the Western Pacific Ocean. Journal of Asian Earth Science 136, 58-67.

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