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Jia, Ning is an Assistant Professor in School of Medicine, SUSTech. Ning got her PhD degree in biochemistry and molecular biology at University of Science and Technology of China in 2016. Then she started her postdoctoral training in Dinshaw J. Patel lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Ning joined SUSTech on May, 2021. Ning has focused on elucidating the mechanisms underlying CRISPR-Cas immunity against invasive bacteriophages and plasmids in prokaryotes. In the past few years, Ning has published 7 research papers as first author or co-first author (Science, 2020; Molecular Cell, 2019a, 2019b, 2019c; Cell Research, 2020; PNAS, 2019; EMBO reports, 2016), 4 of them were published as first author and co-corresponding author. Besides, as first author and co-corresponding author, Ning has been invited to write a review published on Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology. In recognition of her scientific excellence, Ning became the sole recipient of 2020 Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists in Chemistry.

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1)We will continue elucidating the mechanism of the arm race mysteries of phage and bacteria with their hosts in our laboratory towards the goal to facilitate the development of antimicrobial agents and biotechnology tools with potential medical and therapeutic implications.

2)We will optimize CRISPR-Cas gene editing tools and develop new gene editing tools in an effort to facilitate the development of these tools for the biotechnological and medical applications.

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1. Jia, N.*, Patel. D. J.*. (2021) Anti-CRISPRs: Recent Discoveries,   Structure-based Diverse Mechanisms and Biotechnological Applications. Nature   Reviews Molecular Cell Biology,22, 563-579.

2. Meeske A. J.#, Jia, N.#, Cassel A.K., Kozlova A., Liao J., Wiedmann   M., Patel D. J.*, Marraffini L. A.*. (2020) A phage-encoded anti-CRISPR   enables complete evasion of type VI-A CRISPR-Cas immunity. Science   369, 54-59. 

3. Jia, N.*, Xie, W., De La Cruz, J.M.,   Eng, E.T., Patel, D.J.* (2020) Structure-function insights into the initial   step of DNA integration by a CRISPR-Cas-Transposon complex. Cell   research 30,   182-184.

4.   Jia, N.*, Jones, R., Yang, G., Ouerfelli, O., Patel,   D.J.* (2019). CRISPR-Cas III-A Csm6 CARF Domain Is a Ring Nuclease Triggering   Stepwise cA4 Cleavage with ApA>p Formation Terminating RNase Activity. Molecular   cell 75, 944-956 e946.

5.   Jia, N.*, Jones, R., Sukenick, G., Patel, D.J.* (2019)   Second Messenger cA4 Formation within the Composite Csm1 Palm Pocket of Type   III-A CRISPR-Cas Csm Complex and Its Release Path. Molecular cell 75, 933-943   e936.

6.   Jia, N.*, Mo, C.Y., Wang, C., Eng, E.T., Marraffini,   L.A., Patel, D.J.* (2019). Type III-A CRISPR-Cas Csm Complexes: Assembly,   Periodic RNA Cleavage, DNase Activity Regulation, and Autoimmunity. Molecular   cell 73, 264-277 e265.

7. Jia,   N.#, Unciuleac, M.#, Xue C., Greene   E.C., Patel, D.J.*, Shuman, S.* (2019) Structures and single-molecule   analysis of bacterial motor nuclease AdnAB illuminate the mechanism of DNA   double-strand break resection. Proceedings   of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116, 24507-24516.

8. Chen,   L.L., Xie, J., Cao, D.D., Jia, N.,   Li, Y.J., Sun, H., Li, W.F., Hu, B., Chen, Y., Zhou, C.Z. (2018). The   pore-forming protein Aep1 is an innate immune molecule that prevents   zebrafish from bacterial infection. Dev Comp Immunol 82, 49-54. 

9.   Jia, N., Liu, N., Cheng, W., Jiang, Y.L., Sun, H.,   Chen, L.L., Peng, J., Zhang, Y., Ding, Y.H., Zhang, Z.H., et al. (2016).   Structural basis for receptor recognition and pore formation of a zebrafish   aerolysin-like protein. EMBO reports 17, 235-248.

10.   Zhou, K., Jia, N., Hu, C., Jiang,   Y.L., Yang, J.P., Chen, Y., Li, S., Li, W.F., Zhou, C.Z. (2014). Crystal   structure of juvenile hormone epoxide hydrolase from the silkworm Bombyx   mori. Proteins 82, 3224-3229. 

11.   Song, N., Jia, N., Yanagimoto, T.,   Lin, L., Gao, T. (2013). Genetic differentiation of Trachurus japonicus from   the Northwestern Pacific based on the mitochondrial DNA control region. Mitochondrial   DNA 24, 705-712.

12.   He, Y.X., Zhang, N.N., Li, W.F., Jia,   N., Chen, B.Y., Zhou, K., Zhang, J., Chen, Y., Zhou, C.Z. (2012).   N-Terminal domain of Bombyx mori fibroin mediates the assembly of silk in   response to pH decrease. Journal of molecular biology 418, 197-207.

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