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Assistant Professor Ingrid Irmer: born in May 1981, nationality: Australia, Germany, language: English, German. Started to work in 2011.

South University of science and technology Present-08/2019

Max Planck Institute, Bonn 1/07/2018-30/06/2019

Technion, Haifa, Israel 9/2017-5/2018

University of Melbourne 10/2016-6/2017

Tubitak foreign research fellowship, METU, Ankara 7/2015-7/2016 ¨

Resident Tutor, St. Mary’s College, University of Melbourne 12/2014-6/2015

Florida State University, Florida 8/2014-12/2014

JSPS Fellow, University of Tokyo 6/2014-8/2014

Post-doctoral position, National University of Singapore 9/2012-7/2014

ICERM Postdoc, Brown University 9/2013-12/2013

“Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin” Institut fur Informatik II (computer graphics), ¨

Universitat Bonn 1/2011-6/2012

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Low dimensional geometry/topology, mapping class groups, Lorentzian geometry.

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1. Geometry of the homology curve complex, Journal of Topology and Analysis 4 3 (2012)


2. The Chillingworth class is a signed stable length, Algebraic and Geometric Topology 15

3 (2015) 1863–1876.

3. Stable lengths on the pants graph are rational, New York Journal of Mathematics, 21

(2015) 1153–1168.

4. Critical levels and Jacobi fields in a complex of cycles, Osaka Journal of Mathematics,


5. Lifts of simple curves in finite regular coverings of closed surfaces, accepted to Geometriae Dedicata arXiv:1508.04815.

6. Examples of covering properties of boundary points of space-times, accepted to International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics arXiv:1711.04167.

7. Finding simple curves in surface covers is undecidable, accepted to Geometriae Dedicata



1. A curve complex and incompressible surfaces in S × R, preprint 2011


2. Mesh editing in nonlinear constrained shape spaces, (with O. Burghard, M. Hermann

and R. Klein), preprint 2012.

3. Fibering rigidity of 3-manifolds with Torelli monodromy, preprint 2015


4. Immersed stable commutator length on surfaces is computable, preprint 2019.

5. The twist-coffinite topology on the mapping class group of a surface preprint 2020 arXiv:2003.11212

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  • Opening Ceremony for SUSTech International Center for Mathematics


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