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Dr. Hu graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from XJTU in physics, later got a PhD degree in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics from Tsinghua University. Her PhD thesis was rated as an excellent PhD thesis of Tsinghua University. She joined SUSTech as an assistant professor in April 2019. Dr. Hu focuses on quantum feedback, quantum error-correction, quantum channel simulation, quantum machine learning, etc.

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Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics



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[1] L. Hu, Y. Ma, W. Cai, X. Mu, Y. Xu, W. Wang, Y. Wu, H. Wang, Y.P. Song, C.L. Zou*, S. M. Girvin, L.M. Duan, L. Sun*, Demonstration of quantum error correction and universal gate set on a binomial bosonic logical qubit, Nature Physics 15, 503–508 (2019).

[2] L. Hu, S.H. Wu, W. Cai, Y. Ma, X. Mu, Y. Xu, H. Wang, Y.P. Song, D.L. Deng*, C.L. Zou*, L. Sun*, Quantum generative adversarial learning in a superconducting quantum circuit, Science Advances 5, eaav2761 (2019).

[3] L. Hu, X. Mu, W. Cai, Y. Ma, Y. Xu, H. Wang, Y.P. Song, C.L. Zou*, L. Sun*, Experimental repetitive quantum channel simulation, Science Bulletin 63 (2018) 1551–1557.

[4] L. Hu+, Y. C. Ma+, Y. Xu, W. Wang, Y. Ma, K. Liu, Y. P. Song, M.-H. Yung*, and L. Sun*, Simulating molecular spectroscopy with circuit quantum electrodynamics, Science Bulletin 63, 293 (2018).

[5] Y. Xu, W. Cai, Y. Ma, X. Mu, L. Hu, C. Tao, H. Wang, Y.P. Song, Z.Y. Xue*,

Z.Y. Yin*, L. Sun*, Single-Loop Realization of Arbitrary Nonadiabatic Holonomic Single-Qubit Quantum Gates in a Superconducting Circuit, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 110501 (2018).

[6] W. Wang, L. Hu, Y. Xu, K. Liu, Y. Ma, S-B. Zheng*, R. Vijay, Y. P. Song,

L.-M. Duan*, and L. Sun*, Converting quasiclassical states into arbitrary Fock

state superpositions in a superconducting circuit,Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 223604 (2017).

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