Jiashun HU

Associate Professor Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Jiashun Hu received his bachelor’s degree from Peking University in 2013 and his Ph.D degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018. He was a postdoc in the Seismological Laboratory at California Institute of Technology from 2018 to 2020. Upon finishing his postdoc research, he joined SUSTech in 2020. Jiashun has authored or authored about 10 papers on academic journals such as Nature Geoscience, Nature Communications, Earth and Planetary Science Letters and Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. His research interests cover a wide range of topics, including the driving mechanisms of plate motion, orogenic process at subduction zones, the evolution of cratons, and the distribution of earthquakes and volcanisms. For most of his research, he uses supercomputers and large-scale computing to simulate complex dynamics of the solid Earth with constraints from geophysical and geological observations.

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1. Subduction zone dynamics

2. Global Plate motion

3. Craton evolution

4. Mountain Building and its interaction with climate

Specialized in global or regional mantle convection simulation, with data assimilation or free subduction.

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Peer-reviewed publications::

13. 胡佳顺. 2022. 夏威夷-皇帝海山链弯折的形成与Kronotsky古俯冲的联系. 地球与行星物理评论,53(2): 240-242. doi: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2022-009 (invited).
12. Hu, J., Gurnis, M., Rudi, J., Stadler, G. & Muller D. Dynamics of the abrupt change in Pacific Plate motion around 50 Ma, Nature Geoscience,15(74-78), 2022.

11. Hu, J., Liu, L., & Gurnis, M. Climate-tectonic interaction as a cause of Andean growth, Nature Communications, 12(7271), 2021.

10. Peng, D., Liu, L., Hu, J., Li, S., & Liu, Y. (2021). Formation of East Asian Stagnant Slabs Due To a Pressure‐Driven Cenozoic Mantle Wind Following Mesozoic Subduction. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(18), e2021GL094638.

9. Hu, J., & Gurnis, M. (2020). Subduction Duration and Slab Dip. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 21(4), e2019GC008862.

8. Rajaonarison, T. A., Stamps, D. S., Fishwick, S., Brune, S., Glerum, A., & Hu, J. (2020). Numerical Modeling of Mantle Flow Beneath Madagascar to Constrain Upper Mantle Rheology Beneath Continental Regions. Journal of Geophysical Research. Solid Earth, 125(2).

7. Hu, J., Liu, L. & Zhou, Q. (2018). Reproducing Past Subduction Using High-resolution Global Convection Models. Earth and Planetary Physics, 2(3), 189-207.

6. Hu, J., & Liu, L., Faccenda M., Zhou Q., Fischer K. M., Marshak S., Lundstrom C. (2018). Western Gondwana craton modification by plume-lithosphere interaction. Nature Geoscience, 11(3), 203.

5. Zhou, Q., Hu, J., Liu, L., Chaparro, T., Stegman, D. R., & Faccenda, M. (2018). Western US seismic anisotropy revealing complex mantle dynamics. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 500, 156-167.

4. Zhou, Q., Liu, L., & Hu, J. (2018). Formation of the Yellowstone Volcanic Province due to Intruding Hot Oceanic Asthenosphere. Nature Geoscience, Nature Geoscience, 11(1), 70.

3. Hu, J., Faccenda, M., & Liu, L. (2017). Subduction-controlled mantle flow and seismic anisotropy in South America. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 470, 13-24.

2. Hu, J., & Liu, L. (2016). Abnormal seismological and magmatic processes controlled by the tearing South American flat slabs. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 450, 40-51.

1. Hu, J., Liu, L., Hermosillo, A., & Zhou, Q. (2016). Simulation of late Cenozoic South American flat-slab subduction using geodynamic models with data assimilation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 438, 1-13.

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ESS encompasses a wide range of research directions, including the physics and dynamics of the Earth's interior, applied geophysics, space physics and planetary science. By the end of September 2020, ESS has thirty-seven faculty members, including six professors, five associate professors, eleven assistant professors, and fifteen research scientists. Among them, there is one Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, three Distinguished Young Scholars and one Excellent Young Scientist of National Science Foundation of China.

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