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Qianyi is currently a research assistant professor at SUSTech. She received her Ph.D. degree in Department of Computer Science and Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After that, She worked at HKUST as a post-doc for one year. Before joining HKUST, She got her bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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Internet-of-Things; Low-power communication; Intelligent sensing

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Conference papers

6. ECGadv: Generating Adversarial Electrocardiogram to Misguide Arrhythmia Classification System

Huangxun Chen, Chenyu Huang, Qianyi Huang, Qian Zhang, Wei Wang

To appear in AAAI 2020.

5. ALS-P: Light Weight Visible Light Positioning via Ambient Light Sensor

Zeyu Wang, Zhice Yang, Qianyi Huang, Lin Yang, Qian Zhang


4. Smart-U: Smart Utensils Know What You Eat

Qianyi Huang, Zhice Yang, Qian Zhang


3. NICScatter: Backscatter as a Covert Channel in Mobile Devices

Zhice Yang, Qianyi Huang, Qian Zhang

ACM MobiCom 2017.

2. Battery-free Sensing Platform for Wearable Devices: The Synergy Between Two Feet

Qianyi Huang, Yan Mei, Wei Wang, Qian Zhang


1. SPRING: A strategy-proof and privacy preserving spectrum auction mechanism

Qianyi Huang, Yixin Tao, Fan Wu


Journal papers

6. Authenticating On-Body Backscatter By Exploiting Propagation Signatures

Zhiqing Luo, Wei Wang, Jiang Xiao, Qianyi Huang, Tao Jiang, Qian Zhang

ACM IMWUT (UbiComp), 2(3), 2018.

5. Towards Battery-free Wearable Devices: The Synergy between Two Feet

Qianyi Huang, Yan Mei, Wei Wang, Qian Zhang

ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems – Special Issue on the Internet of Things, 2(3): 20:1-20:18 (2018)

4. Your Glasses Know Your Diet: Dietary Monitoring Using Electromyography Sensors

Qianyi Huang, Wei Wang, Qian Zhang

IEEE Internet of Things Journal 4(3): 705-712 (2017).

3. A General Privacy-Preserving Auction Mechanism for Secondary Spectrum Markets

Qianyi Huang, Yang Gui, Fan Wu, Guihai Chen, Qian Zhang

IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 24(3): 1881-1893 (2016).

2. Towards Privacy Preservation in Strategy-Proof Spectrum Auction Mechanisms for Noncooperative Wireless Networks

Fan Wu, Qianyi Huang, Yixin Tao, Guihai Chen

IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 23(4): 1271-1285 (2015).

1. TRADE: A truthful online combinatorial auction for spectrum allocation in cognitive radio networks

Lei Zhong, Qianyi Huang, Fan Wu, Guihai Chen

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 15(9): 1320-1330 (2015).

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