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My research field is quantum physics and quantum computation in solid state systems (including self‐assembled quantum dots, novel 2D materials, and silicon quantum computing with phosphorus donors). My PhD thesis work has been focused on experimental quantum computation and quantum networks in photonics. My PhD supervisors are Prof. Chao-Yang Lu and Prof. Jian-Wei Pan. After PhD graduated, I worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in Professor Chao‐Yang Lu's group for half a year. During that period, I mainly worked on the direction of demonstrating quantum supremacy using boson sampling machine, including two publications, one is boson sampling in a time‐bin architecture by exploring temporal mode and another one is boson sampling in an integrated circuit using spatial mode (Top ten scientific breakthroughs of China in 2017, Nature Photonics, 11, 361 (2017)). Then I became a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication technology in Professor Michelle Y. Simmons's group in UNSW, Sydney. During these four years in Sydney, I focused on silicon quantum computing with phosphorus donors, there are multiple works: demonstrating the first two qubit gate between phosphorus donors in silicon (Nature, 571, 371 (2019), a milestone work, listed by Medium as "Top 10 quantum computing experiments of 2019"), spin dynamic studies using statistical cumulants, and I also joined a theoretical work on benchmarking of single-shot spin readout.

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Dopant devices in silicon, quantum simulation, quantum computation

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My publications are focused on those following projects:

1. A serial of works on demonstrating the world’s best single photon source in terms of brightness, purity, and efficiency

2. Dynamically controlled resonance fluorescence spectra in a quantum dot—an experimental breakthrough in Quantum Optics

3. Spin-photon entanglement and quantum state transfer from a single photon to a single spin in a quantum dot

4. Boson sampling using single photon source—in a time-bin architecture and in an integrated circuit using spatial mode

5. First two qubit gate between phosphorus donors in silicon—a milestone work

6. Spin dynamic studies using statistical cumulants

7. Benchmarking of single-shot spin readout in semiconductor qubits

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We have a few postdoc positions available. Especially, we are looking for young researchers experienced in:

Low-temperature measurements
Nanofabrication (EBL lithography、Dry processing、Wet processing)
Quantum computing
Quantum simulation

The salary is globally competitive (~400,000 RMB/Year). We will also support excellent researchers for the Guangdong Province Financial Support Project, which is 600,000 RMB in total. Moreover, for those have stayed longterm (or plan to stay a longterm >=3 years), there is a longterm bonus from the city council to apply. 
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