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Dr. Yuejin Guo graduated from the California Institute of IC Technology(Caltech), is a IC packaging expert, long times in the United States Intel company engaged in IC packaging research and development and mass production, Yuejin Guo led the development of high-performance thermal conductive materials has been used in more than 95% of the world's high-end computers (data centers, cloud computing and supercomputer, etc.). Articles published in Science (2, 1) and Nature (1, 1) have been cited by the industry nearly a thousand times for the study of the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of materials using quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics methods. Its fan-out package project, won the 2018 Shenzhen "Start-up Star" competition in various industries championship (the world's more than 4000 innovative enterprises first place).

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1. Research and development of package for heat dissipation of Gan RF super power amplifier based on diamond substrate

2. Packaging research and development of GaN power amplifier and power device

3. Fan-out package


Main course: Chip packaging and reliability (Undergraduate,Master,Doctoral)

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Professor Guo Yuejin’s articles published on science and nature as the first author have been cited by the industry for nearly a thousand times, which has greatly promoted the in-depth exploration of physical and chemical mechanisms in the industry. He has been widely recognized in the calculation and Simulation of high-temperature copper oxide superconductor system and football olefin material structure, and has been widely reported by important media such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. Later, the calculation method of molecular dynamics was introduced to further improve the theoretical calculation ability.

Electronic structure and valence-bond band structure of cuprate superconducting materials. Science 1988, 239 (4842), 896-899

Magnon-Exchange Pairing and Superconductivity. Science 1989, 243 (4890), 547-548

Prediction of fullerene packing in C60 and C70 crystals. Nature 1991, 351, 464 – 467

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