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Display technology. Thin film opto-electronic devices. Nanotechnology and optics.

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1. Valyukh; Sergiy I., Chigrinov; Vladimir Grigorievich, Kwok; Hoi Sing, Valyukh; Iryna V, Cholesteric liquid crystal structure, US Patent Number 9,046,729, June 2015.

2. Kwok; Hoi Sing, Wong; Man, Peng; Huajun, Sun; Jiaxin, Metallic anode treated by carbon tetrafluoride plasma for organic light emitting device, US Patent Number 9,166,194, October 2015.

3. Kwok; HoiSing, Zhang; Meng, Chen; Shuming, Zhou; Wei, Wong; Man, Thin film transistor with two-dimensional doping array, US Patent Number 9,214,568, Dec 2015.

4. Kwok; HoiSing, Meng; Zhiguo, Wong; Man, Ultrathin film multi-crystalline photovoltaic device, US Patent Number 9,299,863, March 2016.

5. Nose; Sayaka, Nagashima; Yutaka, Nishiyama; Isa, Takatsu; Haruyoshi, Schadt; Martin, Chigrinov; Vladimir, Kwok; HoiSing, Polymer for use in liquid crystal alignment layer, US Patent Number 9,340,634, May 2016.

6. Du; Tao, Fan; Fan, Chigrinov; Vladimir Grigorievich, Kwok; HoiSing, Polarization converter by patterned polarization grating, US Patent Number 9,341,855, May 2016; Chinese patent number ZL 2013 10163115.8, May 2016.

7. Srivastava; Abhishek Kumar, Ma; Ying, Chigrinov; Vladimir Grigorievich, Kwok; HoiSing, Field sequential color ferroelectric liquid crystal display cell, US Patent Number 9,366,934, June 2016.

8. Du; Tao, Chigrinov; Vladimir Grigorievich, Kwok; HoiSing, Patterned polarization converter, US Patent Number 9,383,607, July 2016.

9. A Srivastava, W Hu, YQ Lu, VG Chigrinov and HS Kwok, Fast switchable and high diffraction efficiency grating ferroelectric liquid crystal displays, US Patent Number 9,575,366, Feb 2017.

10. T Du, F Fan, VG Chigrinov, HS Kwok, Patterned polarization grating polarization converter, US Patent Number 9,739,448, August 2017.

11. HS Kwok, L Tan and YW Li, Projection device and fabrication method of a polarization grating, US Patent Number 9,742,054, August 2017.

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