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Dr. Meng GU is now Research Fellow in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the Southern University of Science and Technology. His team is specialized in the probing the structure-property relationship of energy-related materials using in-situ/aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy. Meng Gu received his Ph.D. degree (2011) in materials science in the University of California Davis. After joining EMSL in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, his research shifted to the study of energy materials including batteries materials and catalysts. Dr. Gu joined Dow Chemical in Michigan as a core R&D materials scientist in February 2014 focusing on the development of industrial catalysts, and advanced microscopy analysis of catalysis reactions. He has 160+ peer-reviewed journal publications including Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Advanced Materials, ACS nano, Angewandte Chemie, Nano Energy, ACS catalysis, Chemistry of Materials, Applied Physics Letters, PCCP, Advanced Functional Materials, Journal of Electrochemical Society, and etc. His publications have been cited more than 10000 times, and are highlighted by U.S. DOE, PNNL, SLAC national lab, London Center for Nanotechnology, Imperial College London and other social media. Dr. Gu has been awarded the Albert CREWE award from the Microscopy Society of America in Aug 2nd 2015 for his outstanding research.

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1 Development of key technologies in sodium batteries, lithium batteries and fuel cells

2 Design and characterization of all-solid-state batteries

3 Fabrication and application of two-dimensional layered materials

4 Catalysts for air/water purification, photocatalytic and electrocatalytic H2 generation

5 Using in situ Cs-TEM for catalysts and battery materials research, observing dynamic structure changes of materials at atomic scale, thus to correlate structures with performance and provide feedback on production parameters


Advanced Thin Film Fabrication Techniques

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Prof. Gu’s research interests center on energy conversion and storage, including high-performance catalyst, lithium ion battery, all-solid battery and so on. Gu has published over 160+ peer-reviewed scientific papers in scholarly high impact factor journals, including e.g. Nature Communications,Nano Letters,ACS Nano,Advanced Materials,angewandte chemie international edition,Physical Review Letters,Nano Energy. His work has been cited over 10000 times and his publication h-factor is 51. Some of these researches have been widely propagandized by the United States Department of Energy. His work has also been selected as the best paper of the year of Pacific Northwest National Lab and propagandized by PNNL, Imperial college London and other social media.

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