Associate Professor Research Center of Ideological and Political Education

Working Experience

2022-Present, associate Professor, Political Education and Research Center, Southern University of Science and Technology

2013-2021, lecturer, associate professor, School of Marx, Shanghai Jiaotong University

2011-2012, postdoctoral fellow, School of Philosophy, Fudan University

Educational background

PhD degree in Marxist Theories and Ideological and Political Education, Nanjing Institute of Politics, PLA (now Institute of Politics of the National Defense University of the PLA)

Personal Profile


Basic principles of Marxism

Situations and Policies

Theories and Practices of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era


Undergraduate :

"Situation and Policy"

"Basic Principles of Marxism"


Research on the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics

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  1. The Researches on Marx’s Thought of Capital Limit and its Contemporary Value (in Chinese) /National Social Science Foundation youth Project, (No. 12CZX007)
  2. The Spheres and Restrictions of Capital (in Chinese) /Social Science Research Project of the Ministry of Education/Youth Foundation Project, (No.11YJC720014)




The Spheres and Restrictions of Capital (in Chinese)/ Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2016.

Journal Papers

  1. Xie Haoju & Gao Yulin. The practice approach and enlightenment of state-owned enterprises developing mixed ownership economy since reform and opening up. Reformation & Strategy (Chinese Core Journal), 2020, 36(10):43-52.
  2. Gao Yulin. Three Visions and Three Mirages of the Scales of Marxist Historical Determinism (in Chinese). Journal of SJTU(Philosophy and Social Sciences)(CSSCI), 2020(3), 28(133):55-66.
  3. Liu Shun, & Gao Yulin. “Three Pairs of Contradictions” to be solved urgently in “Effective Teaching” of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities in the New Era (in Chinese). Cultural Soft Power, 2018(4): 79-83.
  4. Ren Ruimin, & Gao Yulin. Economic Philosophy Rethinking on Distributive Justice in the Context of Financialization (in Chinese). Wuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences) (CSSCI), 2016, 69(3): 93-99.
  5. Gao Yulin. The Historical Limits of Capital: Marx’s Revealing the Inner Limits of Capital and Its Contemporary Support (in Chinese). Marxism and Reality (CSSCI), 2015(5): 51-57.
  6. Gao Yulin. The Spatial Limits of Capital: The Marxist Spatial Criticism on Capitalism (in Chinese). Zhejiang Social Sciences (CSSCI), 2015(8): 76-82+158-159.
  7. Gao Yulin. On the Trust in the Social Relations (in Chinese). Jianghai Academic Journal (CSSCI), 2013(2): 64-71.
  8. Gao Yulin. The Social Equilibrium of Trust and Distrust (in Chinese). Zhejiang Social Sciences, 2012(7): 90-98+158.
  9. Gao Yulin. Trust building and trust structure (in Chinese). Journal of Guangdong Institute of Public Administration, 2012, 24(2): 90-95.
  10. Gao Yulin. The Spectrum of Trust and Distrust (in Chinese). Jiangsu Social Sciences (CSSCI), 2012(1):14-21.

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