Fuquan Fang

Chair Professor College of Science, Department of Mathematics

Fuquan Fang, born in Tongcheng City, Anhui Province. He is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a member of the World Academy of Sciences for developing countries, a Chair Professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, the Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies of Capital Normal University, delegate to the 13th National People's Congress, a member of 11th, 12th, 13th Beijing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Science and Technology Award Committee of the Ministry of Education, and a member of the first batch of the National Talent Plan.


Academic Honors:

Invited Speaker (Geometry Section), ICM, Seoul, 2014

National Natural Science Award of China, 2014

Distinguished Professor, Changjiang Scholars Program, Nankai University, 2000

National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1999

Qiu-Shi Awards, Hong-Kong, 1998

Personal Profile


His research interests include

◆ Algebraic Topology, Geometric Topology

◆ Differential and metric Geometry

Fuquan Fang has made influential contributions to low-dimensional Topology, Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis. As an early career scientist, Fang solved a long-standing open problem left by Haefliger-Hirsch on “Smooth embeddings of 4-manifolds in the 7-dim. space”. Joint with X. Rong, Fang obtained the “finiteness theorem for manifolds with positive pinched sectional curvature” (independently by Petrunin-Tuschmann). He is currently an Editorial Advisor for the London Mathematical Society journals (the Journal, Transactions, and Bulletin). He currently also serves on the editorial board of the journals: Differential Geometry and its Applications, Frontiers of Mathematics in China, Sciences China Mathematics etc.

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[1]  F. Fang, K. Grove, G. Thorbergsson, Tits geometry and positive curvature, Acta Math., 2017, 218(1), pp. 1–53.

[2]  J. F. Davis, F. Fang, An almost flat manifold with a cyclic or quaternionic holonomy group bounds, J. Differential Geom., 2016, 103(2), pp. 289–296.

[3]  F. Fang, K. Grove, Reflection groups in non-negative curvature, J. Differential Geom., 2016, 102(2), pp. 179–205.

[4]  F. Fang, Non-negatively curved manifolds and Tits geometry, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians—Seoul 2014, Vol. II, 867–880, Kyung Moon Sa, Seoul, 2014.

[5]  F. Fang, X. Rong, The second twisted Betti number and the convergence of collapsing Riemannian manifolds, Invent. Math., 2002, 150(1), pp. 61–109.

[6]  F. Fang, X. Rong, Curvature, diameter, homotopy groups, and cohomology rings, Duke Math. J., 2001, 107(1), pp. 135–158.

[7]  F. Fang, X. Rong, Positive pinching, volume and second Betti number, Geom. Funct. Anal., 1999, 9(4), pp. 641–674.

[8]  F. Fang, Embedding four manifolds in R7, Topology 33, 1994, 3, pp. 447–454.

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