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Prof. Du has been working as a senior doctor in surgical treatment of digestive malignant tumor for decades, with abundant clinical experience. He performed the first clinical trial of non-surgery treatment for rectal cancer in China, which was displayed at the 2017 ASCO meeting. Prof. Du uses basic research to solve clinical problems, focusing on translating lab work into clinic use. His research fields including cancer molecular biology, signal pathway/ therapeutic targets, and epigenetics. Prof. Du has published more than 20 papers during the past decade in the first-class SCI journals, such as Cell Reports, Cancer Letters and others. He presided over several funds, including general projects of national Natural Science Foundation of China and special projects in key fields of biomedicine and health of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. He has held several academic posts, including member of the first Tumor Whole-course Management Expert Committee of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association, standing director of Intelligent and Digital Surgery Professional Committee of Shenzhen Medical Doctors Association, standing director of the second Council of Gastrointestinal Surgeons Branch of Shenzhen Medical Doctors Association, etc.

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Oncology; Surgery; Epigenetics; Molecular biology


Translational Medicine

For graduate students and undergraduate students higher than grade 3

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