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Dr. Yulong Ding obtained his bachelor's degree and master's degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University in 2005 and 2008, and his doctor's degree from the University of British Columbia in 2012. In 2017, he joined Southern University of Science and Technology, and his main research direction is Internet of things, public safety. He has published 23 papers in conferences and world-class professional journals, and obtained 1 invention patent.

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Internet of things, public safety, smart city, low power Wan communication technology

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1. Y. Ding, H.T. Bi, et al. (2014), Numerical investigation of the impact of two-phase flow maldistribution on PEM Fuel Cell performance, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 39: p.469-480.

2. Y. Ding, H.T. Bi, et al. (2013), 3D Simulations of the impact of two-phase flow on PEM fuel cell performance , Chemical Engineering Science, 100: p.445-455.

3. Y. Ding, H.T. Bi, et al. (2013), Simulations of two-phase flow distribution in communicating parallel channels for a PEM Fuel Cell. International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 52: p.35-45.

4. Y. Ding, H.T. Bi, et al. (2011), Three dimensional numerical simulations of gas-liquid two-phase flow patterns in a polymer-electrolyte membrane fuel cells gas flow channel. Journal of Power Sources, 196(15): p. 6284-6292.

5. Y. Ding, H.T. Bi, et al. (2010), Three-dimensional numerical simulation of water droplet emerging from a gas diffusion layer surface in micro-channels. Journal of Power Sources, 195(21): p. 7278-7288.

6. R. Anderson, L Zhang, Y Ding, et al. (2010), A critical review of two-phase flow in gas flow channels of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Journal of Power Sources, 195(15): p. 4531-4553.

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