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Assistant Professor Department of Biology

Dr. Ziwei Dai received her bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics in 2010 at School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, and completed her doctoral training in 2016 at Center for Quantitative Biology, Peking University. She then joined Dr. Jason W Locasale’s lab at Duke University for postdoctoral training. Dr. Dai joined Department of Biology at Southern University of Science and Technology in Feb 2021 as assistant professor and principal investigator. Her research focuses on developing computational approaches using both data-driven and knowledge-based strategies, to understand the dysregulation of glucose and amino acid metabolism in cancer and the mechanisms for metabolic regulation of epigenetics and gene expression. Her work has been published in top journals including Nature, Cell Metabolism, Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Metabolic Engineering, JBC, and so on. By Feb 2021, Ziwei’s publications have been cited for over 1200 times and selected as cover article for multiple times.

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Research in the Dai Lab focuses on the application of multi-omics data analysis and biological network modeling techniques in understanding quantitative features of cellular metabolism and unraveling the roles that metabolism plays in regulating epigenetics, gene expression, and human diseases. We are particularly interested in these topics:

◆Cancer metabolism

◆Metabolic regulation of epigenetics and gene expression

◆Biological network models

◆Multi-omics data analysis

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