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Dr. Chen was on the cutting-edge of teaching at SUSTech in the past six years, the credit hours add up to 2036. Dr. Chen mainly use English in his courses, and he adopted outstanding pedagogy from prestigious universities both in China and United States. Meanwhile he is extremely good at building up international classrooms at SUSTech based on his previous overseas teaching experience.

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Partial Differential Equations.


Dr. Chen has taught the following courses multiple times with high quality: Calculus, Linear Algebra I, Linear Algebra II, Ordinary Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis.

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In the past six years, Dr. Chen did a lot of research on pedagogy of mathematics. He was the principal investigator of the teaching reform program: On Creative Teaching Methods in Mathematics (from 2015 to 2018). He wrote a linear algebra textbook (preprint) and accomplished 5 research articles (preprint) addressing pedagogical issues in mathematics. When working as a university-wide course leader for Linear Algebra, Dr. Chen obtained tremendous course development and management experience.

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