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Chen Yuan is an assistant researcher at the Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering, mainly engaged in basic research in the fields of quantum optics, high-dimensional quantum information processing and photonic integrated chips. She has published 6 SCI academic papaers, including top physical journals such as Physical Review Letters, and participated in international (regional) cooperation and exchange projects of the National Funding Committee. During the PhD study in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiaotong University from 2015 to 2019, she completed the world's first waveguide chip that can carry orbital angular momentum as the first author. This Paper was published in PRL and selected as an editors' suggestions and highlight article. This work is also obtained a Focus report from the American Physical Society and the top report from the Royal Society of Physics.

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quantum optics, high-dimensional quantum information processing and photonic integrated chips

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Orbital angular momentum beams with helical wavefronts provide additional degrees of freedom for modern optics and provide emerging resources for classical and quantum information technology. The eigenstates of photon’s orbital angular momentum form a complete set of orthogonal basis vectors, and are ideal carriers for high-dimensional quantum information. The large-scale application of orbital angular momentum beyond the principle demonstration urgently requires to develop photonic integrated devices capable of transmitting, generating, manipulating, and processing orbital angular momentum. At present, we can faithfully transmit and generate orbital angular momentum on photonic integrated chips, and increase the degrees of freedom and resources on integrated chips, which will greatly promote the development of integrated and scalable quantum computing and quantum simulation.

Published papers:

(1) Yuan Chen, Jun Gao, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Ke Sun, Wei-Guan Shen, Lu-Feng Qiao, Hao Tang, Xiao-Feng Lin and Xian-Min Jin*. Mapping Twisted Light into and out of a Photonic Chip. Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 233602 (2018). (Editors’ Suggestion and Featured in Physics)

(2) Yuan Chen, Ke-Yu Xia*, Wei-Guan Shen, Jun Gao, Zeng-Quan Yan, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Jian-Peng Dou, Hao Tang, Yan-Qing Lu*, Xian-Min Jin*. Vector Vortex Beam Emitter Embedded in a Photonic Chip. Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 153601 (2020).

(3) Yuan Chen, Wei-Guan Shen, Zhan-Ming Li, Cheng-Qiu Hu, Zeng-Quan Yan, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Jun Gao, Ming-Ming Cao, Ke Sun, Xian-Min Jin*. Underwater transmission of high-dimensional twisted photons over 55 meters. PhotoniX 1, 5 (2020).

(4) Yao Wang, Jun Gao, Xiao-Ling Pang, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Hao Tang, Yuan Chen, Lu-Feng Qiao, Zhen-Wei Gao, Jian-Peng Dou, Ai-Lin Yang and Xian-Min Jin*. Parity-Induced Thermalization Gap in Disordered Ring Lattices. Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 013903 (2019).

(5) Hao Tang, Zhen Feng, Ying-Han Wang, Peng-Cheng Lai, Chao-Yue Wang, Zhuo-Yang Ye, Cheng-Kai Wang, Zi-Yu Shi, Tian-Yu Wang, Yuan Chen, Jun Gao and Xian-Min Jin*. Experimental Quantum Stochastic Walks Simulating Associative Memory of Hopfield Neural Networks. Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 024020 (2019).

(6) Ci-Yu Wang, Jun Gao, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Lu-Feng Qiao, Ruo-Jing Ren, Zhen Feng, Yuan Chen, Zeng-Quan Yan, Yao Wang, Hao Tang and Xian-Min Jin*. Integrated measurement server for measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution network. Opt. Express 27, 5982-5989 (2019)

(7) Cheng-Qiu Hu, Zeng-Quan Yan, Jun Gao, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Zhan-Ming Li, Wei-Guan Shen, Yuan Chen, Ruo-Jing Ren, Lu-Feng Qiao, Ai-Lin Yang, Hao Tang, and Xian-Min Jin*. Transmission of photonic polarization states through 55-m water: towards air-to-sea quantum communication. Photon. Research 7, A40-A44 (2019).

(8) Jun Gao, Lu-Feng Qiao, Xiao-Feng Lin, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Zhen Feng, Zheng Zhou, Zhen-Wei Gao, Xiao-Yun Xu, Yuan Chen, Hao Tang and Xian-Min Jin*. Non-classical photon correlation in a two-dimensional photonic lattice. Opt. Express 24, 12607-12616 (2016)

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