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[1] Ruan, D., Qin, L., Chen, R. et al. Transparent PAN:TiO2 and PAN-co-PMA:TiO2 Nanofiber Composite Membranes with High Efficiency in Particulate Matter Pollutants Filtration. Nanoscale Res Lett 15, 7 (2020).

[2] Chen Rouxi, Wan Yuqin, Wu Weiwei, etc. A lotus effect-inspired flexible and breathable membrane with hierarchical electrospinning micro/nanofibers and ZnO nanowires, Materials & Design, 2019, 162: 246-248.

[3]Chen Rou-Xi, Zhi Liu, and Ji-Huan He. Series solution of the autocatalytic hydrolysis of cellulose. Cellulose (2015): 1-6.

[4] Rou-xi Chen, Hai-Yan Kong, Ji-Huan He, Fu-Juan Liu,A short remark on the molar electronic transition energy ET(30) of the solvatochromicpyridinium N-phenolatebetain dye 30,Dyes and Pigments,Volumes 107, (2014),PP: 106-107.

[5] Liu Z, Chen R, He J. Active generation of multiple jets for producing nanofibres with high quality and high throughput[J]. Materials & Design, 2016, 94: 496-501.

[6] Kong H, Chen R, He J. Superfine crimped nanofibers fabricated by bubbfil electrospinning[J]. Journal of controlled release: official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 2015, 213: e38.

[7] He J H, Kong H Y, Chen R X, et al. Variational iteration method for Bratu-like equation arising in electrospinning[J]. Carbohydrate polymers, 2014, 105: 229-230.

[8] Chen R X. On surface tension of a bubble under presence of electrostatic force[J]. Thermal Science, 2015 (01): 149-149.

[9] Rou-Xi C. Contrastive research on the waterproof and dustproof mechanism of wild silkworm silk and domestic silkworm silk[J]. Matéria (Rio de Janeiro), 2014, 19(4): 395-399.

[10] Chen, Rou-Xi, Ji-Huan He, and Ling Lin. “Nanothermodynamics for materials, energy, and environmental sciences.” Thermal Science 18.5 (2014).

[11] CHEN R X, LI Y, HE J H. Mini-review on Bubbfil spinning process for mass-production of nanofibers[J]. Matéria (Rio de Janeiro), 2014, 19(4): 325-343.

[12] Chen R X, Li Y, He J H. Bubbfil spinning for mass-production of nanofibers[J]. Thermal Science, 2014, 18(5): 1718-1719.

[13] Chen R X, He J H, He C H. Electricity from nanomembrane[J]. Thermal Science, 2014, 18(5): 1720-1721.

[14] Chen, Rou-Xi, et al. “Mechanism of nanofiber crimp.” Thermal Science 17.5 (2013): 1473-1477.

[15] Rou-Xi Chen, LiuFujuan, HeJi-Huan. Silk Cocoon: “Emperor’s New Clothes” for Pupa:Fractal Nano-hydrodynamical Approach, Journal of Nano Research, Volumes 22, (2013), PP:65-70

[16]Rou-Xi Chen, Ji-Huan He,Hai-Yan Kong. Waterproof and dustproof of wild silk: An theoretical explanation, Journal of Nano Research, Volumes 22,(2013),PP:61-63

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