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Kanglin Chen joined the College of Business, Southern University of Science and Technology in 2021 as an assistant professor. His main research area is operations management, with focuses on global supply chain management, sustainable operations, and platform operations.


Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, 2021-Present


Ph.D., Operations Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2017-2021

B.S., Industrial Engineering, South China University of Technology, 2012-2016

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Global Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Operations, Platform Operations, Game Theory and Information Design

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  1. Baozhuang Niu, Kanglin Chen, Lei Chen, Chao Ding and Xiaohang Yue. 2021. Strategic Waiting for Disruption Forecasts in Cross-Border E-Commerce Operations. Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming.
  2. Baozhuang Niu, Kanglin Chen*, Xin Fang, Xiaohang Yue and Xin Wang. 2019. Technology Specifications and Production Timing in a Co-Opetitive Supply Chain. Production and Operations Management, 28(8):1990-2007.
  3. Baozhuang Niu, Zihao Mu and Kanglin Chen*. 2019. Quality Spillover, Tariff, and Multinational Firms’ Local Sourcing Strategies. International Transactions in Operational Research, 26(6):2508-2530.



  1. Xiaoshuai Fan, Kanglin Chen and Ying-Ju Chen. Is Price Commitment a Better Solution to Control Carbon Emissions and Promote Technology Investment?
  2. Kanglin Chen, Xin Wang, Ying-Ju Chen and Baozhuang Niu. Impact of Tariffs and Price Premiums of Locally Manufactured Products on Global Manufacturers’ Sourcing Strategies.
  3. Kanglin Chen, Ying-Ju Chen, Guillermo Gallego, Pin Gao and Haoyu Liu. Multi-Armed Exponential Bandit.
  4. Kanglin Chen, Xin Wang and Yulan Wang. Managing Returns when Selling to Customers with Peer-Induced Fairness Concerns.

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