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Dr. Yong-Feng Cheng earned his Ph. D. in 2015 from Nankai University under the supervision of Prof. Jin Qu. He then moved to the Department of Chemistry at Southern University of Science and Technology with Prof. Xin-Yuan Liu as postdoctoral fellow. Since 2018, he was promoted as a research assistant professor at Southern University of Science and Technology.

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(1) Asymmetric radical 1,2-difunctionalization of unactivated alkenes

(2) Asymmetric radical desymmetrization reactions

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Dr. Cheng has published several research papers as the first author, including papers in Nat. Catal., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Org. Lett., Chem. Commun.

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  • Advances in desymmetrising asymmetric radical chemistry by SUSTech researchers


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