Associate Researcher College of Science, Institute for Quanfum Science and Engineering

Dr. Manjin Zhong is an Associate Researcher in the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering and the Group Leader of the Lab of Quantum Storage Devices at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). She graduated with a Bachelor degree in science at Xiamen University in 2007. She obtained her PhD from the Australian National University (Canberra , Australia) in 2017 supervised by Associate Professor Matthew Sellars. She then continued to work with Associate Professor Matthew Sellars as a Postdoctoral researcher at ANU for one year. During her career as a PhD and Postdoctoral researcher, she was able to demonstrate a quantum coherence time of 6 hours in an optically addressable solid-state system, which allows the possibility to the development of a quantum hard drive. She joined SUSTech as an Associate Researcher in 2018 and set up the research group of Quantum Storage Devices.

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Rare earth-based quantum entanglement, quantum storage, quantum communication, quantum sensing and quantum computing


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