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Intelligent Marine Geophysics, Deep-sea Geodynamics, Marine Big Data, Ocean Super Computing, Marine AI, Seafloor Exploration, Tsunami Mechanism

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  1. Zhang J., Zhang F.*, Lin J., Gao X., Cai C., and Zhou Z. Mantle serpentinization of subducting plate are controlled by combined effect of plate age and bending curvature, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2024, 640, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2024.118799.
  2. Luo Y., Lin J.*Zhou Z.*, Zhang X., Zhang F., and Zhang J. Interactions of Kerguelen and Amsterdam-St. Paul Dual Hotspots with Southeast Indian Ridge, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2024, in revision.
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  7. Guo N., Han X., Zhong S., Zhou Z., Lin J., Dai J., Wan F., and Song C*. Proprioceptive State Estimation for Amphibious Tactile Sensing, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2024, in revision.
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       1. 林间, 孙兆华, 周志远, 黄健龙, 2022. 水下机器人及水下环保系统, ZL202221287630.8

       2. 林钟扬, 周志远, 管敏琳, 2019. 一种海洋水质勘察取样装置, CN201920279726.1

       3. 孙兆华, 黄健龙, 万元芳, 林间, 周志远, 2024. 深海惯性无缆取样装置

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