Yaxi Li



09.2015-07.2018   Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU)  China, Beijing    

Master of Applied Chemistry

08.2016-12.2016   Eastern Illinois University (EIU)   America, Illinois                  

Research Scholar of Organic Chemistry

09.2011- 06.2015   Dalian University of Technology (DUT)   China,Dalian                  

Bachelor of Fine Chemical          

Journal Papers

1.Yaxi Li, Rui Ding, Yongguo Liu, Bianbian Ma, Baoguo Sun, and Hongyu Tian* Syntheses of 4-Acetoxy- or Acetylthio-2-substituted Tetrahydrothiophene[J] HETEROCYCLES, 2018, 96(2), 254-272. DOI: 10.3987/COM-17-13853

2.Rui Ding, Yaxi Li, Yongguo Liu, Baoguo Sun, Shaoxiang Yang and Hongyu Tian* Synthesis of butenolides by reaction of 3-alkenoic acids with diphenyl sulfoxide/oxalyl chloride. [J] Flavour Fragr. J. 2018, 1-8. DOI: 10.1002/ffj.346


2016.3 – present   

Syntheses of 4-Acetoxy or Acetylthio-2-substitutedtetrahydrothiophenes                 

Description: In this project, the main purpose is to design different kinds of 2-membered groups of tetrahydrothiophene compounds and obverse the effect of 2-membered groups. There are two parts in this project. One part is syntheses of different kinds of 2-substituedtetrahydrothiophenes, which is used homoally alcohols as substrate and thioacetic acid as sulfur source. This part of work is submitted. The other part is about odor analysis of these compounds.



Synthesis of a fluorophosphonate probe for activity-based protein profiling for CISD 2             (Government-sponsored overseas study program)

Description: This is a collaborative study involving the synthesis of a fluorophosphonate probe for in an approach called activity-based protein profiling. The organic synthesis of the probe is in 6 steps. This probe could be used to quantitatively analyze and enrich active serine unit in a certain protein.



Preparation and properties of 2-hydroxy-3-allyloxy propyl hydroxyethyl starch ethers

Description:  Thermoresponsive polymers, 2-Hydroxy-3-allyloxy propyl hydroxyethyl starch ethers (HAP-HES) with different molar substitution (MS), are prepared by etherification reaction, which grafted allyl glycidyl ether (AGE) onto hydroxyethyl starch (HES). By tested lower critical solution temperature (LCTS) values, critical micelle concentration (CMC) values and surface tension values, it is shows that the thermoresponsive polymers can be self-assembled as micelles under different temperature.  



HPLC method for determination the content of amifostine          

(Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program)                

 Description:  Based on method of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (ChP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), we use potassium perfluorobutyl sulfonate as an ion pair reagent to improve the detection method. This method is more novel and more effective to determine the content of amifostine