Congratulations, Li Shuai published an article in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


Congratulations to doctoral student Li Shuai  for his Effect of temperature buildup on milling forces in additive/subtractive hybrid manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V in The international journal of advanced manufacturing technology.

This paper focuses on additive/subtractive hybrid manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V. In an additive manufacturing process, temperature buildup is fast because of heat accumulation from a laser or electron beam, which exerts a great influence on the successive subtractive process. The effect of temperature buildup on milling forces is investigated through the experiment and a 2D thermal-mechanical coupling model. For work hardening effect and rapid tool wear, the milling forces were analyzed considering the work hardening effect and thermal softening effect on the workpiece material. The tool flank wear and deformation layer in the subsurface of the machined workpiece were studied. The study provides a guide to the determination of ASHM process parameters for Ti-6Al-4V.