Dr. Gaomin Li of our research group completed the study task of doctoral stage and successfully obtained the doctor's degree!


    On the road of climbing the peak of scientific research, Dr. Gaomin Li of our research group has worked hard for four years. Recently, he has successfully completed his doctoral studies and obtained a doctoral degree jointly trained by Southern University of science and technology and Peking University. Congratulations to Dr. Gaomin Li!

    Gaomin Li, female, from Anyang, Henan Province. As a female researcher, Li Gaomin was also a member of the research group since the establishment of the research group. Gaomin Li showed some unique advantages in the aspects of experimental details processing, daily maintenance of instruments, and external affairs docking of the laboratory. Rain rainbow, sonorous rose. After four years of hard work, Gaomin Li published 10 SCI papers with fruitful results. While striving for scientific research, Gaomin Li also brought her unique enthusiasm and delicacy into her life. She has repeatedly responded to the call of the school and participated in school activities. For this reason, she was nominated as "excellent party worker" in 2018 by South University of science and technology, and once as "Excellent Communist Party member" in 2019.

    Four years of doctor's career has come to an end. Dr. Gaomin Li is about to set sail for a long journey in the future. We hope that Dr. Gaomin Li will maintain her good life and study style, further broaden her ability, and burst out her own light and heat in another part of the motherland.