Dr. Yujun Zhang of our research group completed the study task of doctoral stage and successfully obtained the doctor's degree!


    After four years of study and life training in school, Dr. Yujun Zhang of our research group successfully completed his doctoral work recently, and obtained the doctor's degree jointly trained by Southern University of science and technology and Peking University. Congratulations to Dr. Zhang Yujun!

    Yujun Zhang, male, from Lincang, Yunnan Province. Just after the establishment of the research group, Yujun Zhang went to the research group to study the scientific research work. He made a significant contribution to the construction of the experimental platform, the design of the experimental layout, and the subsequent personnel training of the experiment. No pains,no gains, In his four-year postgraduate career, Yujun Zhang signed and published three SCI papers, among which "magnetic order induced polarization abnormal of Raman scattering in 2D magnet CrI3" was published on nanoletter, with an impact factor of 12.27 that year and he is the first author. In his life, Yujun Zhang is an open-minded person and keen on sports, often active in the school playground and nearby school sports ground, has participated in several school related activities.

    There is a long way to go. In the future, we hope that Dr. Yujun Zhang will continue to adhere to his academic belief, cultivate his own field, and continue to contribute to the scientific research of the motherland!