ESE Professor wins 2nd prize in 2019 Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award


In recent days, Professor Qing HU (Environmental Science and Engineering) won second prize in the 2019 Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award. She earned the award for participating in the project, " Key Technology and Application of Groundwater Pollution Risk Monitoring and Emergency Response " (the project).

The project sought to overcome the scientific problems and technical difficulties faced by China's groundwater pollution monitoring and early warning and emergency response. It is based on the migration path of groundwater, to examine the source, pathway, and target of pollution. The project is focused on overcoming three key technologies. Those technologies are China's groundwater pollution-risk source identification, pollution monitoring and warning, and emergency response.

The Environmental Protection Science and Technology Awards are the highest accolades in ecological environment science and technology. The Awards Committee approved 39 achievements and awarded four 1st prizes, thirty-three 2nd prizes, and two Science Popularization Prize.

Professor Qing HU is the director of the SUSTech Engineering Innovation Center (Beijing). She has won many awards and sits on several expert committees.


Source: School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Correspondent: Zitian YAN
Editor: Wenjing CHENG
Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards
Proofread: Yingying XIA