Shang Liu


Research Projects:
Solar thermal local evaporation, solar seawater desalination, solar water evaporation hydrogen production
Educational Background:
Master (2017.09-2020.06) China University of Mining and Technology
School of Electrical and Power Engineering
Thermal Engineering
Bachelor (2013.09-2017.06) Yantai University
School of the Ocean
Energy and Power Engineering

Work Experience:
2020.07-Present South University of Science and Technology
Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
Research Assistant

Scientific research experience:
1. 2019 Jiangsu Postgraduate Scientific Research and Innovation Program: Experimental Study on Influencing Factors of Solar Film Evaporation System (KYCX19_2190). Starting and ending time:2019.05/2020.05.
2. 2019 Graduate Research and Innovation Program of China University of mining and technology: Experimental Study on Influencing Factors of solar film evaporation system. (KYCX19_2190). Starting and ending time:2019.05/2020.05.
Scientific research achievements:
[1] Liu, S.; Huang, C. L.*; Huang, Q. Q.; Wang, F. C.; Guo, C. W. A new carbon-black/cellulose-sponge system with water supplied by injection for enhancing solar vapor generation. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2019, 7, 17954-17965. (IF=10.733)
[2] Liu, S.; Huang, C. L.*; Luo, X.; Guo, C. W. Performance optimization of bi-layer solar steam generation system through tuning porosity of bottom layer. Applied Energy. 2019, 239, 504-513. (IF=8.426)
[3] Liu, S.; Huang, C. L.*; Luo, X.; Rao, Z. H. High-performance solar steam generation of a paper-based carbon particle system. Applied Thermal Engineering. 2018, 142, 566-572. (IF=4.026)
[4] Liu, S.; Huang, C. L*. A stable and flexible carbon black/polyethyleneimine-bacterial cellulose photothermal membrane for high-efficiency solar vapor generation. International Journal of Energy Research. 2020, 10.1002/er.5598. (IF=3.343)
[5] Luo, X.; Huang, C. L.*; Liu, S.; Zhong, J. X. High performance of carbon-particle/bulk-wood bi-layer system for solar steam generation. International Journal of Energy Research. 2018, 42, 4830-4839. (IF=3.343)
[6] Huang, Q. Q.; Huang, C. L. *; Liu, S.; Wang, F. C.; Guo, C. W. Solar vapor generation optimization of a carbon-black/wood-flour system with strength enhanced by polystyrene. International Journal of Energy Research. 2020, 44(5), 3687-3696. (IF=3.343)
Invention patent:
Congliang, Huang.; Shang, Liu.; et al. A kind of solar energy absorption thermoelectric device, invention patent, patent number: ZL201810438947.9, Authorization Announcement No.: CN108599622B.
Excellent student scholarship, Excellent Student Cadre Scholarship, Outstanding Communist Youth League Member, Outstanding University Level Graduates.
National Scholarship (No.: SSY201905560), Postgraduate Scholarship, Outstanding Students, Outstanding Graduates and Excellent Master's Thesis.