Congratulations to the research group member Liu Nian's paper published in Electrochemistry Communications


The paper "Study of initiation and development of local oxidation phenomena during anodizing of SiC" by RA Liu Nian of this research group was published in Electrochemistry Communications (JCR Q1; IF: 4.8).

The main content of the paper is as follows:

Although anodization is an efficient single-crystal SiC oxidation method, its oxidation mechanism is currently unclear. In this paper, the occurrence and development of local oxidation phenomena during anodic oxidation of SiC are studied. The study found that local oxidation occurs in regions rich in charge carriers, such as damaged regions and doped regions; in the SiC anodizing process, the oxidation of the damaged region has a higher priority than the doped region; for the anode of the damaged region Oxidation, the protrusions produced by the local oxidation process gather around the damaged area. In contrast, for doped regions, the protrusions are randomly distributed.