Luminescent tungsten(VI) complexes as photocatalysts for light-driven C–C and C–B bond formation reactions


6.  The realization of photocatalysis for practical synthetic application hinges on the development of inexpensive photocatalysts which can be prepared on a large scale. Herein an air-stable, visible-light-absorbing photoluminescent tungsten(VI) complex which can be conveniently prepared at the gram-scale is described. This complex could catalyse photochemical organic transformation reactions including borylation of aryl halides, such as aryl chloride, reductive coupling of benzyl bromides for C–C bond formation, reductive coupling of phenacyl bromides, and decarboxylative coupling of redox-active esters of alkyl carboxylic acid with high product yields and broad functional group tolerance. (Chem. Sci. 202011, 6370-6382; DOI: 10.1039/D0SC01340D)