Jun Feng


Jun Feng is a full professor at the department of materials science and engineering and institute for quantum science and engineering, SUSTECH. His current research fields are: 1) advanced electron materials, 2) novel energy materials, liquid materials, 3) brightness electron source, 4) quantum electron microscopy, 3) ultrafast phenomena and detectors, 4) synchrotron radiation, 5) free electron laser.

Journal Papers

Selected publications

1:A disordered rock salt anode for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries Nature, 585, 63(2020)

2: Gregory M. Su, Isvar A. Cordova, Michael A. Yandrasits, Matthew Lindell, Jun Feng, Cheng Wang, and Ahmet Kusoglu, Chemical and Morphological Origins of Improved Ion Conductivity in Perfluoro Ionene Chain Extended Ionomers, Journal of the American Chemical society, 141, 13547(2019)

3: Yan Xu, Yifan Ye,Shuyang Zhao, Jun Feng, Jia Li, Hao Chen, Ankun Yang, Feifei Shi,Lujie Jia, Yang Wu, Xiaoyun Yu, Per-Anders Glans-Suzuki, Yi Cui, Jinghua Guo, and Yuegang Zhang, In Situ X‑ray Absorption Spectroscopic Investigation of the Capacity Degradation Mechanism in Mg/S Batteries, Nano Lett, 19, 2928(2019)

4: A. Scholl , M.A. Marcus , A. Doran , J.R.Nasiatka , A.T. Young , A .A . MacDowell , R. Streubel , N. Kent , Jun Feng , W.Wan , H.A. Padmore, Hartmann characterization of the PEEM-3 aberration-corrected X-ray photoemission electron microscope, Ultramicroscpy, 188, 77(2018)

5: L Zhang, M Ling, Jun Feng, L Mai, G Liu, J Guo, The synergetic interaction between LiNO3 and lithium polysulfides for suppressing shuttle effect of lithium-sulfur batteries,
, Energy Storage Materials 11, (2018)24-29

6: Rita Wang, Deep B.Shah, J Maslyn, W Loo, K Wujcik, E. Nelson, M. Latimer, Jun Feng, DPrendergast, T. Pascal and Nitash Balsara, Rate Constants of Electrochemical Reactions in a Lithium-Sulfur Cell determined by Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, Journal of The Electrochemical Society ,165 , A3487(2018)

7: S.Karkare, J.Feng, X.Chen, W.Wan, J.Palomares, T.C.Chiag, H.PAdmore, Reduction of intrinsic photocathodes using ordered crystalline surfaces, Phys.Rev.Lett., 118,164802(2017)

8: Jun Feng, S.Karkare, J.Nasiatka, S.Schubert, J.Smedley, H.PAdmore Near Atomically smooth alkali antimonide photocathode thin files, J.of App.Phys. 121,044904(2017)

9: Y Opachich, J Koch, P Bell, D Bradley, N Chen, Jun Feng, A Gopal, A Semiconductor-Based High-Yield X-Ray Photocathode, LO-007-17, Nevada National Security Site/Mission Support and Test Services LLC, 2016, DOE/NV/03624-0261

10: S.Gupta, Jun Feng, L.Chan, C.Petzold, C.Ralston, Synchrotron X-ray footprinting as a method to visualize water in proteins, J.Synchrotron Rad., 23,1056(2016)

11: L.Poyneer, N.F.Brejnholt, R.Hill, J.Jackson, L.Hagler,R.Celestre, Jun Feng, X-ray metrology and performance of a 45-cm long x-ray deformable mirror, Rev. Sci. Instru., 87, 052003(2016)

12: Jun Feng, J.Nasiatka, Weishi, Wan, S.Karkare, J.Smedley, H.Padmore, Thermal Limit to the intrinsic from metal photocathodes, Applied Physics Letters, 107,

13: J. Feng, J. Nasiatka, W. Wan, T. Vecchione, and H. A. Padmore, A novel system for measurement of the transverse electron momentum distribution from photocathodes, Rev. Sci. Instrum, 86, 015103 (2015)

14: A. Polyakov,C. Senft, K. F. Thompson, J. Feng, S.Cabrini, P. J. Schuck, and H. A. Padmore Plasmon-Enhanced Photocathode for High Brightness and High Repetition Rate X-Ray Sources , Phy. Rev.Lett., 110, 076802 (2013)

15: , R.K.Li, , H.To, G. Andonian, J. Feng, A. Polyakov, C. M. Scoby, K. Thompson,W. Wan, H.A. Padmore, and P. Musumeci, Surface- Plasmon Resonance-Enhanced Multiphoton Emission of High-Brightness Electron Beams from a Nanostructured Copper cathode, Phy. Rev.Lett., 110, 074801 (2013)

16: F. Sannibale, D. Filippetto, C. F. Papadopoulos, J. Staples, R. Wells, B. Bailey, K.
Baptiste, J. Corlett, C. Cork,S. De Santis, S. Dimaggio, L. Doolittle, J. Doyle, Jun Feng, D. Garcia Quintas, G. Huang, H. Huang, T. Kramasz,S. Kwiatkowski, R. Lellinger, V. Moroz, W. E. Norum, H. Padmore, C. Pappas, G. Portmann, T.Vecchione,M. Vinco, M. Zolotorev, and F. Zucca,Advanced photoinjector experiment photogun commissioning results, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams, 15, (2012)103501

17: T.Vecchione, I.Ben-Zvi, D.H.Dowell, J.Feng, T.Rao, J.Smedley, W.Wan, H.A.PAdmore A low emittance and high efficiency visible light photocathode for high
brightness accelerator based x-ray light source, Apllied Physics Letters, 99, 034103(2011)

18: B. I. Cho,K. Engelhorn,A. A. Correa,T. Ogitsu,C. P.Weber,H. J. Lee, J. Feng, P. A. Ni,Y. Ping,A. J. Nelson,D. Prendergast, R.W.Lee, R.W. Falcone,and P. A. Heimann, Electronic Structure of Warm Dense Copper Studied by Ultrafast X-Ray
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20: J. Feng, H. J. Shin, J. R. Nasiatka, W. Wan, A. T. Young, G. Huang, A. Comin,
J. Byrd, and H. A. Padmore, An x-ray streak camera with high spatio-temporal resolution, Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 134102 (2007)

21: J Feng, E Forest, A AMacDowell, M Marcus, H Padmore, S Raoux, D Robin, A Scholl, R Schlueter, P Schmid, J Stöhr, W Wan, D H Wei and Y Wu An x-ray photoemission electron microscope using an electron mirror aberrationcorrector for the study of complex materials, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 17, S1339 (2005)

1) Book chapter: Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM), Jun Feng and Andreas Scholl, Book Title: Science of Microscopy, Edited by Dr.Peter Hawkes and John Spence, page 657-696, published by Klumer/Springer Academic publishers in
2007, 2019 2nd edition.


  • 高性能储能材料合成、表征及应用
  • 多元蒸镀合成新型光电材料
  • 波长任意可调、高分辨实验室UV 光源系统、飞秒激光放大器
  • X-射线波段高端实验设备
  • 超快时间测量及动力学研究–世界最快时间探测器:空间分辨:微米,时间分辨:两百飞秒
  • 电子束团横向动量测试仪


《Introduction to Advanced Light Sources》