List of graduates

 SN  Name Thesis topic  Titel  Graduation date Current job
 1  Leibin Ni Non-volatile Memory  NTU PhD  2018/8 Senior researcher at Huawei 2012 laboratory, Shenzhen
 2 Hantao Huang Machine learning on-chip  NTU PhD  2018/8 Director at MTK Singapore
 3  Sai  Manoj P.D. 2.5D and 3D I/O Designs for Energy-efficient Memory-logic Integration towards Thousand-core on-chip  NTU PhD  2016/8 Assistant professor at George Manson University USA
 4  Yang Shang Metamaterial based CMOS Terahertz Integrated Circuits  NTU PhD  2015/8 Senior R&D engineer at Advantest (set up R&D center), Singapore
 5  Yuhao Wang Non-Volatile In-Memory Computing  NTU PhD  2015/8 Postdoc researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 6  Xiwei Huang CMOS Multimodal Sensor Based Lab-on-a-Chip System for Personalized Bio-imaging Diagnosis  NTU PhD  2015/8 Associate Professor at Hangzhou Dianzi University,visiting scholar in MIT
 7  Wei Fei Design of CMOS 60GHz Giga-bps Communication System with CRLH T-line for High Output Power Density and Wide Tuning Range  NTU PhD  2015/8 Senior R&D engineer at HiSilicon Singapore
 8  Guangya Li Research on Low Value Quantization Algorithms of YOLO Image Detection and Recognition Network  Master  2019/6 China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen
 9  Chao Wang Face Detection and Recognition Network with Low Bit-Widths Compression  Master  2019/6 Machine Learning Engineer, OPPO Shenzhen
 10  Bin Liu Video Facial Expression Recognition Based on Deeply Compressed Spatio-temporal Model on Edge Devices  Master  2020/6 NVIDIA Beijing
 11  Yuchao Yang A Lightweight Semantic Segmentation Network for Video Scene Comprehension Method on Edge Devices  Master  2020/6 Tencent Shenzhen
 12  Tingtao Li    Bachelor  2019/6 PolyU-SUSTech joint PhD on-going
 13  Shuwei Li    Bachelor  2020/6 SUSTech  PhD student on-going
 14  Guangtai Huang    Bachelor  2020/6 Amazon Shanghai