Mass spectrometry ---Digital metabolic mapping to provide new and improved technology for medical care



New findings by researchers at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) could lead to a dramatic shift in the quality of medical care across the world. The use of digital metabolic mapping through quantitative systems biology provides the opportunity for scientists to understand every reaction inside the human body, and what it means for you.

On March 18, Research Assistant Professor Hemi Luan and Professor Wenyong Zhang (School of Medicine) worked with collaborators across the Greater Bay Area to publish a paper in the high-impact academic journal, Bioinformatics (IF =4.531). The article was titled “CPVA: a web-based metabolomic tool for chromatographic peak visualization and annotation.”


The continuous improvement of omics methodology based on liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) has resulted in the improvement of our understanding of metabolic networks. Rapid developments in this field have allowed scholars to analyze thousands of metabolites at once, but the current data collection system can result in many false positives.

There is an enormous need for intelligent processing of omics through algorithms and tools for the proper characterization of metabolites. The paper aims to minimize a large number of false positives and redundant signal peaks by proposing a chromatographic center strategy algorithm (CSS) while developing interactive tools, known as the CVPA.


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