ICHEI and CIO Times Reached Global Strategic Cooperation


On November 14, 2019, ICHEI and CIO Times signed strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. As the global strategic partner of ICHIE, CIO Times will provide support for the digital link project launched by ICHEI in Asia, Africa, central and Eastern Europe and other countries, help ICHEI’s partner universities to improve the ICT capacity on education, organize international and domestic conferences or forum jointly in the field of using ICT to promote higher education innovation and practice, and also public welfare CIO seminar on the “One Belt One Road”.

Signing Ceremony

In the meeting, Dr. Yao Le, Dean of CIO Times, thanked ICHEI for the trust. He made a brief introduction of the development history, current situation and future plan of CIO Times. Now CIO Times has held various types of CIO and digital training courses in cooperation with government and organizations. With more than ten years hard working and professional service, it has won wide social recognition and support. Next, CIO Times will fulfill the glorious mission entrusted by ICHEI.

Discussion between two sides

Director Li Ming said that ICHEI chose CIO Times as a global strategic partner after thoughtful consideration. CIO Times has made great contributions to the cultivation of CIO and digital talents in China, and it is in the forefront of digitalization. It is hoped that CIO Times will have a global vision and strategic layout, participate in and support ICHEI’s IIOE project, and make great contribution to the ” One Belt One Road ” countries. Professor Han Wei, executive deputy director of ICHEI, said CIO Times is the only CIO training institution partner of ICHEI. Hopefully CIO Times’ professional capacity can support the relevant work of ICHEI in the future.
 After the signing ceremony, director Li Ming gave present to Dr. Yao Le. The mandarin ducks statue means two sides in-depth cooperation.

Group Photo