The first in the world! Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital successfully completes mixed reality navigation spinal surgery


On December 11, Associate Professor Wang Lin of Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital led a team of professionals to successfully completely completely relieve the pain of a 67-year-old female patient with a combined lumbar disc with lumbar stenosis.Combrasisision.


According to the new results of the Guangdong Medical Intelligence Research Institute, the operation has not been reported at home and abroad, the first in the world.

Cervical vertebral, lumbar spine surgery and other lesions deep, small operating space, adjacent to the central nervous system and large blood vessels, vertebral arch nail hand implants and other traditional technologies mainly rely on the doctor's surgical experience and operating skills, there is "invisible, uncertain, groping forward" problem, even for experienced high-experienced doctors, It is still a complex and risky operation that can have disastrous consequences if blood vessels and central nerves are mistakenly injured.


"Unlike conventional surgical navigation based on X-ray 2D images, MR technology seamlessly interfaces virtual and real-world spaces, accurately presenting holographic stereoscopic images of patients' surgical sites in real-world space, giving doctors a 'pivot eye', " said Associate Professor Wang Lin. Doctors can observe and adjust the movement of surgical instruments in the bone and angle, avoid important nerves and blood vessels, see, accurate, screw implanted in the best position, to ensure the accuracy and safety of surgery. "


The operation also uses China Telecom's 5G network to carry the full HD real-time interaction of the operation. Well-known orthopaedic experts, advocates and leaders of China's digital bone science, The President of the Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital, Professor Yan Guoxuan, etc. as off-site experts through projection, 5G mobile phones, tablets and other media to observe the guidance of MR navigation surgery and interact with surgeons. The operation makes full use of the technical advantages of 5G network high bandwidth, low latency, high-speed coding and edge computing, and realizes the high-throughput calculation analysis of MR holographic stereoscopic imagery and the cloud video broadcast over 4K, so that off-site experts and surgeons can share MR "pivot eye" and real-time interaction to protect the high quality of the operation.


Professor Nguyen Guoxuan introduced that today's surgery has entered the intelligent and digital era. The research results of the cooperation between Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital and Beijing Vijuzhizhiyuan provided technical support for the successful completion of the world's first MR navigation spinal surgery, and realized the leap ingesting development of MR technology from preoperative planning to in-surgery navigation, which is the concentrated embodiment of the hospital's leading position in intelligent and digital surgery, and also the hospital's "quality upgrade" An important stage achievement of construction.


Within this month, the hospital will be completed "Southern University of Science and Technology, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Intelligent and Digital Surgery Innovation Center", will be 3D printing surgery, virtual reality technology, surgical robots and other fields based on clinical transformation applications, access to clinical "last kilometer" research positioning to carry out a series of innovative research.

Shenzhen Satellite TV Shenzhen Client Reporter: Huang Tao