HAN Yingying



Education experience:

2013.9-2019.6 Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, Wuhan University

2009.9-2013.6 Bachelor of Physics, Shandong Normal University


Work Experience:

2019.7-present Postdoc, Southern University of Science and Technology


Research Areas

Physical properties of quantum optics, superconducting quantum computing, periodic modulation systems


Academic Achievements

Won the Second Prize of Wuhan University's 2019 Academic Innovation

(1)  Han Yingying ; Luo Xiao Qing ; Li Tie Fu ; Zhang Wenxian ; Wang Shuai Peng; Tsai J S; Nori Franco; You J Q ,Time-Domain Grating with a Periodically Driven Qutrit , Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 014053 (2019).

(2)  Han Yingying ; Zhang Jun; Zhang Wenxian , Periodically modulated dark states , Physics Letters A, 2018.4.12, 382(14): 954~959

(3)  Zhang Jun ; Han Yingying ; Xu Peng; Zhang Wenxian , Preserving coherent spin and squeezed spin states of a spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate with rotary echoes , PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 2016.11.9, 94(5)