DENG, Xiu-Hao


Xiu-Hao Deng, Associate Researcher (assistant professor) of Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering in SUSTech, adjunct associate researcher of Center for Quantum Computing in Peng Cheng Lab. He obtains B.S. in 2005 from Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). After several years of study and research in USTC he wen to University of California, Merced for graduate school and obtained Ph.D. in 2015. After he finished a short term research associate in UC Merced he joined Sophia and Ed Barnes's joint group in VirginiaTech as a postdoctoral associate. He came back to China in late 2018 and started his position in the institute in December.

During the 9-year study and research in US, Xiu-Hao made produced original work in quantum control theory and quantum dynamics. He also made some creative work in superconducting quantum circuit, superconducting qubits and quantum simulation. He participates in two major projects of province level. He organized several international conferences including a premier one, QIP 2020.

Journal Papers

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