宋垚(Yao Song),硕士研究生,Graduation student (MD)



2019-09 to 2021-06 Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering, Master, Advisor: Xiuhao Deng

2013-09 to 2017-06 China University of Mining Technology, Department of Information and Electrical Engineering, Bachelor

Research areasQuantum Control, Reinforcement Learning


2014:The Second Scholarship of CUMT

2015:The Third Prize of May 1 Mathematical Modeling


  • Innovation and practice fund for graduate students of South University of science and technology, 2020-05 to 2021-05

Project NameQauntum Optimal Control Algorithm Library。

ContentIt provides a parallel computing based quantum optimization control algorithm library based on superconducting qubit, comprehensive algorithm types (GRAPE, Krotov, DE, RL) and python language.

  • GRAB Optimization Assisted By Auto-differentiation

Present a quantum optimal control algorithm used in superconducting qubit, called GRAB(gradient-based and bandwidth-limited), which can obtain an analytical and smooth optimized control pulse with accuracy and speed achieved.(paper is in preparation)