Conference info: Topological Quantum Computing


Location: Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)(Dec. 16-20th); Peng Cheng Laboratory (afternoon of 18th Dec.)

Date: December 16-20, 2019

Topological quantum computing (TQC) represents one of the best approaches to building a large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computer. The key for realizing TQC lies in the existence and manipulation of topological phases of matter. Topology, classical or quantum, is central in studying the mathematical theory of such phases. Alternatively, tensor categories and their higher dimensional generalizations give the algebraic characterizations. The conference is on all theoretical aspects that are loosely related to TQC. Interested topics include, but are not limited to, topological phases of matter, tensor/higher categories, subfactor theory, topological quantum field theories, conformal field theories, quantum error correction, entanglement, etc. The goal of the conference is to bring leading experts from all over the world with backgrounds in physics, mathematics, and computer science to discuss and develop cutting-edge theories of TQC.