Medical School of SUST implements Clinical Teacher of Medicine Training Program


In the afternoon on the 25th of June 2019, the very first Clinical Teacher of Medicine Training Program was held in classroom 308, Building 2, Liyuan, SUST.

The program was organized by the Joint Language Center of the Medical School, aiming at further improvement of the English teaching standard of the affiliated hospitals, expansion for bilingual teaching group, and conducting training activities for many affiliated hospitals of our school.

Zhang Wenyong, who is in charge of teaching of the Medical School, welcomed the clinicians from affiliated hospitals for participating in the program. He emphasized the necessity and importance of teacher training for the development of future medical education.Li Yuan, Deputy Director of the Education Department and Acting Director of the Language Center, expressed the greatest support for the program and willingness to work together with the medical school to provide a platform for clinicians in all affiliated hospitals to learn, to communicate, and to build SUSTC Medical Academy excellent courses with all teachers.

Clinicians from major affiliated hospitals actively participated in this training activity. The training courses of the program was well-designed by Matthew Jellick from Language Center. Eight lectures and a total of thirty two-hour course of full content was arranged. Further training will continue to carry out after completing the required courses.